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Gina Davis
Written By: Gina Davis posted May 23, 2015

As we walk through this life, we unintentionally begin to separate the way we look at our lives, into comfortable little categories, unwittingly leading to illness, much unhappiness and disillusionment. At some point, we have to realize that in order to reach complete happiness and total health, we must see our body, mind and spirit as one.

Most of us have at least heard the basics on eating healthy and getting proper exercise. There is no great secret to taking care of yourself, however, there are always deeper levels of health to strive for. A healthy body feeds into a healthy mind and spirit, but did you know that the opposite is also true? Your mind and your spirit also affect your body.

“The mind and body communicate constantly. What the mind thinks, perceives, and experiences is sent from our brain to the rest of the body.” -Herbert Benson, M.D. The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine

The thoughts that go through our mind affect our health in ways that we may not expect. We physically respond to our thoughts and actions, often known as the “mind/body connection”. When we are stressed, depressed, angry, holding grudges, or holding on to unforgiveness, our body reacts in negative ways. These emotions can open the door to many physical ailments, such as reduced energy, chronic aches and pains, and even changes in heart rhythms.

Stress also increases acidity in the body, which is the basis of many illnesses, including cancer. These are just a few of the responses our body has to our negativity. We physically respond, on a cellular level, to the things we think and feel. It is of the utmost importance to fill your mind with positive thoughts and learning new things.

Mind Body Spirit

 There is a third party that we often forget to add into this mix that makes us who we are. Our spirit, when uplifted and open, gives us a boldness and carries us in ways that many are not aware of. It’s in our spirit that we hold meaning and purpose for our life. This part of our being gets us through, when everything else in us is ready to give up. If the spirit is affected negatively, we may become despondent, discouraged or hopeless. Those feelings, as mentioned earlier, will also lead to negative thoughts and illness.

We should spend more time and energy building our belief system and listening to that voice deep inside ourselves. Some may do this through prayer or meditation, and for others, it may be done through a long walk in the park, or time simply spent in silence. Whatever your choice, do it. Feed your spirit and listen to your inner voice.

The body, mind and spirit are clearly connected in ways that affect the quality of our lives. If we want to be healthy, we need to be healthy in all areas. It is every bit as important to take the time to meditate, read, get outside and play, or do anything at all that you love passionately, as it is to put the right foods into your body.

You need the fresh air, the vitamins, minerals and exercise. You also need the joy in life – those things that make your heart smile. Our spirits and our minds require rejuvenation as much as our bodies do. Spend your time with the people that you love, and with the beliefs that lift you up. It is more important than you may think, to find ways to enjoy life. Now that you have an excuse to do so, you should find a way to make that happen! Your health depends on it.


Gina Davis, 

Gina Davis is a writer, living in Texas. She is currently studying health and nutrition and believes in an all-around healthy lifestyle for body, mind and spirit. She is working on changing the way that the world looks at themselves, their lives, and their imaginary boundaries, one vision at a time.

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