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You First

Gina Davis
Written By: Gina Davis posted May 21, 2015

For many of us, it seems so very easy to put others ahead of ourselves. Whether we are taking care of children, parents, friends or loved ones, we have no trouble putting everyone else’s needs before our own. In so many cases, this is truly a beautiful thing. If you have a heart to give and do for others, you honestly feel that you can never do enough. This is a position that the world deeply needs. What I want to ask you is , what if you took care of yourself the way you take care of others? What if your health meant as much to you as the health of your children, parents, friends and loved ones? What would you do differently?

You can survive many years on coffee, junk food and little or no sleep. You can run yourself into the ground. You may not feel the effects of this immediately, but it will eventually catch up. You will, at some point, hit a wall and your body will pay the price. Taking care of yourself has to be a number one priority. Without your health, you cannot possibly reach your goals, nourish your family, enjoy your life, much less change the world! This is simple truth.

We make time for the things in life that we choose are important to us. We would not speak to our clients in negative ways, telling them how much we can’t stand them and want them to change, but we will look in the mirror and tell ourselves negative things many times a day. The worst problem with the negative words and thoughts, is that our body responds to those thoughts. If you believe that your thoughts can either make or break your business, then you should also believe that the same is true for your health



We make choices daily that can bring us into healthy living, or deeper into sickness. You do not need to be a nutritionist to start making better choices for yourself. You don’t have to change your entire lifestyle, all at once, to see the benefits. You can start with the small changes. Drink more water today than you did yesterday, choose something baked or grilled over something fried, add more vegetables to your plate. Little by little, your body will begin to heal. That, to me, is the greatest miracle of all. Your body can heal itself, when given the right tools to do so.

Our environment is invaded daily with toxins. There are toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods that we eat. We can not control a lot of this. Our bodies were designed to take what is put into them, get rid of everything “bad”, and use everything “good” to keep us functioning. The biggest problem that we face today, is that we are not taking charge of the things that we can control. We are putting far too many bad things in and not giving ourselves the nourishment we need to heal. Cutting back on fatty, sugary, unhealthy foods is a start. It is giving your body less to have to clean up, therefore providing more energy for healing. If you add to that the right kinds of foods and provide the vitamins and minerals to rebuild cells and support organs, then you are giving your body a fighting chance. 

When I say that you need to put yourself first, I’m not telling you to be selfish. I’m telling you to take care of yourself the way you would anyone that you loved. Get the rest that you need. Protect your heart and your mind. Take time every day to be grateful for your life and your health. Learn something new to keep your mind sharp and your imagination alive. Fuel your body with all of the colorful vegetables and fruits that provide nourishment and life. Get outside and move! Be passionate about your health. You only have this one body. If you expect it to carry you through this life and continue on for years and years to come, then you need to nurture, protect and respect it. You would do no less for anyone that you loved.


Gina Davis,

Gina Davis is a writer, living in Texas. She is currently studying health and nutrition and believes in an all-around healthy lifestyle for body, mind and spirit. She is working on changing the way that the world looks at themselves, their lives, and their imaginary boundaries, one vision at a time.

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