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Why Entrepreneurs think differently

Simona Ksoll
Written By: Simona Ksoll posted August 1, 2015

The other day my friend invited me to a networking event with Gary Vaynerchuk here in Los Angeles. What an evening to be in the company of this amazing entrepreneur and speaker. You could feel the energy buzzing and the excitement was palpable.  People had flown in from out of the country and driven in from out of state to attend.  Listening to his story, how he grew and expanded his family’s business, later invested into Twitter and then founded Vayner Media was absolutely inspiring.  As he was speaking I could feel the fire that fuels his soul.

I recently started my own business after working in corporations for most of my life.  There is a big difference in mindset between being a corporate employee and being an entrepreneur.  

For one, as an entrepreneur you cannot be complacent, because you do not have the luxury and safety of a steady paycheck. 

It is all on you. YOU got to hustle to make it happen every single day and it never stops.

Right here is where you are cutting out a lot of the BS and politics running so rampant in the corporate world. I am referring to the endless meetings that yield no real resolutions, the many layers of decision making, the lack of speed with which decisions are made and the quick reversals of a decision because people operate out of a fear based mindset, not to mention  the egos that get in the way.

When it is your own money that you are investing, you immediately start thinking differently. Going back on a decision is not an option, because if you do, then it was not a decision, meaning you better make sure it is sound the first time or you might miss out on an opportunity.


Time becomes a precious commodity, especially when you first start out as a solo-preneur.  You got to maximize how you use it. Discern between what is making you money in your business and what is bogging you down, and then immediately delegate the non-money making tasks (e.g.  hire a virtual assistant even if it is on an hourly basis). The ego is getting left at the door. If you are stuck, you got to ask for support or you are not moving forward at all. Meaning no money is coming in.  Surround yourself with a network of like-minded people, form or join a mastermind group, follow successful entrepreneurs on social media, or seek out the mentorship of an expert.  

Be prepared for the going to get tough. When that happens and trust me it will, there is one thing that will get you through. You have to re-connect with the burning desire on the inside that got you into starting this business in the first place.  This is what fuels your fire, this is your passion that will propel you forward time and again.  Really feel into it, visualize it, anchor it in every single day and it will get you through the toughest of times.  Napoleon Hill said in his  book “Think and Grow Rich”

Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.

He cites the example of Thomas Edison who failed 10,000 times before he invented the light bulb. In his mind however, Edison did not think of it as failure, instead he thought of it as having found 10,000 ways that did not work. You see it is all about perspective. You can look at the glass half full or half empty. Being successful in business really comes down to a few things: 

  • Sticking with what you are really good at (don’t pretend to be someone else).
  • Consistently marketing yourself and becoming visible in your field as the expert you are.

Being in personal contact with your audience and acquiring the mindset of an entrepreneur.  This means taking full responsibility for your actions, having a no-excuses policy and a can-do attitude.  

Anything is possible if your desire is strong enough. 

You got this.


Simona Ksoll,

Simona Ksoll is a marketing strategist & business coach living in Los Angeles, California. She mentors women entrepreneurs on how to create a successful business they love.

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