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Damien Thomas
Written By: Damien Thomas posted May 13, 2015

My name is Damien Thomas, and I am the co-founder of Your Peak State.

I am passionate about personal development. Every day, I enjoy reading, listening to, and watching great motivational and educational material. I take what I have learned from this material and apply it to my daily practice, both personally and professionally. 

I purchased my first personal development book, The Magic of Thinking Big, almost thirty years ago. I purchased my latest book, The Success Principles, just last week. For me, personal development is a process of lifelong learning as well as a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

I am the proud owner of the Facebook page “Motivational daily Quotes,” which has a yearly reach of over four million people. I am inspired every day to share positive and inspiring quotes with other like-minded people from all over the world.

We live in an exciting time when we can find almost anything with the click of a computer’s mouse or the tap of a smartphone screen. The Internet gives us the wonderful opportunity to obtain information on any topic instantly. If you could see my computer now, you’d see that I’ve bookmarked over 100 websites in no particular order. My smartphone has over 50 websites and blogs saved randomly. I wanted to put together for you the best personal development websites and blogs with the very best content, and have them in just one place. Your Peak State will also take the guesswork out of finding the best books to read, the best DVDs to watch, and the most effective audio programs to listen to. 

I want you to save your most valuable resource: your time. Personal development legend Brian Tracy recommends that we invest 3% of our income in ourselves in order to guarantee our success in the future. I will go one step further and say that we should also invest 3% of our time in our continued personal development. This works out to just 45 minutes each day. I want this website to help you to free up more of your valuable time so that you can spend time reading and taking action rather than searching the internet in vain. If you commit to reading just 15 pages of quality material every day, that works out to over 5,400 pages of great information per year! 

Click on the menu of Your Peak State and you have instant access to the Home Page which contains the lastest personal improvement articles written by myself and special guest authors. The Directory Page is where you will find the very best personal improvement websites and Blogs in just one place. The Online Resources section is your key to the very best personal development books, audio and DVD programs that are available today. The Blog Page contains regular guest articles from experts in personal development, as well as articles about my own personal development journey. I also write about the books and programs that I am currently using and the information I have learned along the way. The Quotes Page is a collection of awesome quotes that are sure to inspire and motivate you. 

Your Peak State is your website. Your time is valuable, and I sincerely want you to spend it wisely. I hope that you will enjoy reading some of the powerful, life-changing information available here.

As a very special treat for you, I have compiled a valuable collection of free eBooks that you can download and start enjoying today. Just enter your email address in the section at the bottom of this page.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

This is a personal development classic. Jim Rohn said that this book “made him hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Tony Robbins said about Think and Grow Rich: “This book changed my life.” And Bob Proctor said, “Think and Grow Rich literally turned my life around.”

The Best Of The Blog by Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon helps network marketers and direct sales representatives and distributors get more leads, recruit more representatives, and become top income earners in their companies. There is a goldmine of valuable information contained in this great free eBook.

To be or not to be – the choice is YOURS! By Barbara Hofmeister

Do you sometimes feel there has to be more to life? Do you want to experience purpose, true love, and meaningful success? Human growth expert Barbara Hofmeister will introduce you to how you can lead a life of purpose and true passion. In her casual style she gives you profound wisdom and practical tools that will impact your life in a dramatic way! Also, check out Barbara’s exclusive three-part goal setting report in the Blog section.

I look forward to our exciting journey together.

To Your Success,

Damien Thomas

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