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The Real “Secret” to Creating an Extraordinary Life

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Written By: Amy Hazlett posted May 23, 2015

In our tech-driven modern society, we’re blessed with conveniences that seem to enhance every area of our life:  you name a need, and there’s usually an app for it!  Yet, I still see too many people wasting time – and money – searching for the secret to the life of their dreams.  Sadly, many people think this “secret” will be the newest app, social networking site or tech gadget: that magic ticket to weight loss, a happy marriage, promotion at work, freedom from debt, etc.  

The “secret” concept is nothing new.  Rhonda Byrnes attracted millions (and made a fortune along the way) with her 2006 Book/DVD The Secret.  Byrnes’ take is that The Secret is the Law of Attraction; i.e., you get what you think about.  And Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret told us the same thing (man becomes what he thinks about).  You can even go all the way back to the 1930’s when a man named Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich (his ‘secret’, if you haven’t read the book, is Definitiveness of Purpose).

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying each one of these messages isn’t accurate.  They are - to varying degrees.  But they all lack one common theme:  a daily plan of action.

A Daily Action Plan will take you from where you are to where you want to go.

It’s that simple.

The next logical question would be:  “How do I develop a daily action plan?  How do I create and thrive in an extraordinary life, rather than surviving in a mediocre one?”I just happen to have the answer for you.  It’s not an app. It’s not new. But… it works.

It’s reading.  Yes, really!

It’s not just any kind of reading, though. The latest, greatest fiction novel – while enjoyable to read and a relaxing hobby – is NOT what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about creating daily, dedicated reading time in your schedule to read from a variety of non-fiction genres within a proven system to transform that knowledge into real, measurable results in your life.

I’ll bet I know what you’re thinking:  I don’t have time to read!  Actually – and I say this with great respect – YEAH, YOU DO.  YOU REALLY DO.  I can say this because the first step of my program is what I call the Where Step: showing people where to find the time to read daily.I’m passionate about daily dedicated reading as the primary tool to transform your life.  


Girl Reading a book in forest


I happen to be in good company, too.  Consider these people: Tony Robbins Arguably the King of the personal development industry, Robbins cites books as a major transformative effect in his latest book Money: Master the Game.  Apparently, Robbins was living a less-than-mediocre life, and over the course of 7 years read 700 books.  Let that sink in a moment:  seven hundred books!

I think that whole ‘reading’ thing turned out pretty well for him, don’t you think?

Will Smith this talented actor/musician is well known for his work ethic.  As he was accepting an award recently, he specifically mentioned books as one of his two keys to life.  Here is Smith’s take on books:  “There’s no new problem that someone hasn’t already had and written about in a book”.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I could also mention ultra-successful people like Darren Hardy, Brian Tracy, and Liam Neeson but you (hopefully!) get the point.  

If you want an extraordinary life, do what successful people do.  Read.

I have a little “secret” of my very own.  Pebble Wisdom Book Summaries is the program I’ve created, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.It’s a personalized success system that features a monthly book summary subscription.  I show people how to read their way to success in as little as 15 minutes/day.  Normally, this proven, effective service is only available to my subscribers.

But now, thanks to my friends at Your Peak State, you can access some truly life-changing content – for free!  Yeah, FREE!

The Book Nerd Boot Camp is a special five-part series.  I recommend you complete the Boot Camp over a five-day period, but it’s completely self-guided so you can go at your own pace. It’s action oriented, and will show you how to develop those career & life skills you’ll need for an extraordinary life.  We talk about time management, efficiency, and the power of focus, family relationships and emotional skills.  

The Book Nerd Boot Camp has both Video and PDF formats available and you’ll only find it at Your Peak State.  It’s not available anywhere else!  However, it’s available to you for free only for a limited time – so I encourage you to act today.  You can begin to design your extraordinary life the exact same way A-listers like Tony Robbins and Will Smith do.  

Why not give it a try and discover for yourself how a mere 15 minutes a day can transform your life?  I’m here to tell you, the results are phenomenal.  How do I know this?  Because I’ve done it.  You see, I’ve been reading with purpose for 20+ years now, and every area of my life has seen dramatic, positive improvements.

I live an extraordinary life, but I did it in a very ordinary way.  You can too!

Let me show you how.  Join the Book Nerd Boot Camp today!

Your Personal Book Nerd,


Amy is a Small Business Expert since 1998, Writer, Book Reviewer Extraordinaire & Creator of Pebble Programs products, helping busy people with action-based solutions designed for more life enjoyment & less life worries.

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