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The Happiness Planner: A Review

Damien Thomas
Written By: Damien Thomas posted June 14, 2015

I am a big believer of using a personal journal on a daily basis, and I tell people whenever I can about the many benefits that can be had by starting this positive daily habit. Indeed, I have actually written an article about How to Keep a Personal Development Journal. If you are new to keeping a journal, or if like me you are always trying to find different ways how you can improve your daily journaling ritual and maximise its benefits. Well, I might have found the perfect solution with The Happiness Planner.

First of all, why a Happiness Planner? Why not a goal planner? Or journal? Or just call it a diary?  Well, when you remove the impressive hardback Happiness Planner from its protective slipcase the first page tells you why:

Instead of focusing on productivity, The Happiness Planner focuses on your happiness. It is designed to welcome more happiness and positivity into your life. By reflecting on your days you will be able to work on yourself to become a happier and more positive person, and be able to plan your life in a way that makes your days filled with joy, love and smiles.

What a great idea, ‘focusing on your Happiness!’ What a simple, but vitally important part of our lives that we often forget to spend time focusing on, our happiness. You might think as I did, how could I possibly plan my happiness? Or what really are the benefits of planning your happiness? The introduction goes on to answer these questions by saying:  “The Happiness Planner will not only bring more joy, inner peace, and happiness into your life, but also love, inspiration, passion, and excitement for whatever comes next.”

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The Happiness Planner begins with the powerful section titled ‘Create your Happiness Roadmap.’ Here you are given some simple but very effective tasks that uncover ‘What makes you Happy?’ and then you are given the 10 Rules to Live by to Live a Positive Life.  The Happiness Planner continues with some great thought provoking exercises where you are asked ‘What qualities or habits would you like to change or improve?’  Then, What are your Dreams? As well as What do you want to achieve in the next 100 days as well as the next year?  The questions in this section of The Happiness Planner are designed to get you to really think, so that you can plan ahead and integrate happiness habits into your daily life.

The Happiness Planner is broken into 100 days. Which makes it the perfect length for you to start a few new positive daily habits, make some great lifestyle changes, or possibly have a whole new attitude shift. You start off your first week, and indeed every week with a simple but very effective exercise of writing out your Time Management Goals, Financial Goals, Work Goals and finally Personal Goals.  Each day has sections for the user to fill out which include Inspiring Thoughts, Todays Goals, Exercises, Meals, Schedule, To-Dos, Good Things About Today and What I Hope For Tomorrow.

At the end of each week The Happiness Planner has a section for you to fill out with your observations after reflecting over the previous week. The Good things, The Negative, Areas that need to improve, and a self scoring system to keep your happiness, energy and health all on track.

The Happiness Planner is beautifully designed, and it is a real pleasure to use on a daily basis, both in the morning when you plan your day ahead, and also every evening when you reflect over that day. The planner helps to keep you to a very positive daily routine, which in turn will help you to stay on track with all of your personal and professional goals. I highly recommend The Happiness Planner for anyone who wants to start journaling, but they feel they might need some extra guidance along the way, or indeed The Happiness Planner is perfect for anyone who needs to freshen up their existing daily journaling routine. So, if like me you want more joy, happiness and inner peace invest in yourself, then invest in a wonderful Happiness Planner.



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