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Rosemary Nonny Knight
Written By: Rosemary Nonny Knight posted November 3, 2015

All your life, you have been listening to something and it has been directing your path either towards creating the life you want or (if you are like most people) away from it.

What is this thing that you give so much control over you?

It is your inner voice.

  • The voice that tells you what you are capable of…
  • The voice that tells you what you are not capable of…
  • The voice that tells you what you think of this or that person…
  • The voice that tells you what this or that person thinks of you (even if completely untrue!)…

And you have believed it without question, not realizing that you could have some say in the matter.   And if you want to live permanently in a peak state, you must take control of this inner voice.

Now, you may even think that you do not have such a voice or that if you do have this voice, then it is working always in your favour but you will find that when you start to pay it more attention, it is not strictly true.  In fact, it is not even a neutral voice.  

You will learn as you start to pay attention that you have a negative voice determining what you do, day in, day out.

And you thought that you were in control!

This is the thing, that voice has learnt all it says to you from your parents, your friends, your teachers, the films you watch, the games you play, the news you listen to, the books you read…

In fact, if you are like most people, that inner voice has hardly learnt anything it says to you from YOU, yourself.

And yet, you pay it attention and think it is YOU!

So it remains in control, directing your path without any supervision from you.

Town in sunshine

And of course, if life is great, then wahey, let it carry on.   However, the chances are that life is not all that great all the time and maybe you think that you cannot expect it to be great all the time ( and that would be your inner voice speaking, just so you know!).

I say, “Why not?”

  • Why can it not be great all the time?
  • Why can you not choose to have a happy life ALL the time?
  • Is there a limit to the happiness that you are allowed and if so, why?
  • When last did you question that?
  • And if you have not questioned this, what else have you not questioned?
  • Do you have to stay trapped in that job that you no longer want to do?  
  • Do you have to stay trapped in a relationship that you no longer like?
  • Is it absolutely necessary that you get fatter as you get older?
  • Is it true that your body must get weaker as you get older in years?
  • Why does there need to be any ‘HAVE TO’s or ‘SHOULD DO’s at all in your life?  
  • Does it feel weird to think that that is even possible?

And yet, while you do not question these things that you have taken to be gospel truth, your life (and/or business) stays on a path that you do not even like!  

Surely, you see that it is time to question what you are allowing the inner voice tell you.

Let me let you into a secret – you can change it all!  You can decide to change the tone and words that your inner voice speaks by deliberately choosing what you want out of life and business and telling yourself time and time again that it is possible for you.

Go on, give it a try but make sure you give it time to completely work for you.   Remember, your current inner dialogue has developed over the course of your life so it will not disappear without some effort from you.

Start by writing out what you want your life to look like.

Write out your goals – not just for material things but also for internal qualities and attitudes.

Write it all down.

And start to tell yourself that this is now your reality.

And then, in every day life, catch yourself thinking about what you think someone else is thinking about you and instead tell yourself that everyone loves you.  Just keep telling yourself that and expect not to believe it at the start but realize that the only reason you believe the other way is because you have told yourself that it is the truth.

So, choose to believe a different truth – After all, you are love-able, aren’t you?  (And if you do not agree with this, make it one of your statements to yourself until you do believe it!)

And yes, I understand that you may think this is all crazy but hey, I could say that it is pretty darned crazy for you to think so little of yourself all the time, when you have a choice in the matter.

Do you not see that unless you get your thought and inner voice in the right place then you will find it hard to take the actions that you must take to create a great life.  If you do not believe it is possible, then you will do whatever you can to prove yourself right.

Just stop already.

And get deliberate about what you allow to remain in your head.

Do the exercises and be consistent for the next 30 days and see the difference it makes to your results, your mood and your general outlook on life.  And as you lift your outlook, you will find your actions and productivity rise to the challenge as you will always do whatever it takes to prove yourself right.

It is time to live life deliberately and leave nothing to chance, okay?


Rosemary Nonny Knight,

About the author: 

Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling her life force drain away as she did work that did not make her come alive. Finally, she stepped up, after hitting rock bottom and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling she had done in the past. It worked! and still works – she completely quit pharmacy a little while ago. 

And now, in addition to her property concerns, she works with men and women from all over the world enabling them to create life & business the way they want it. Clients make even more money, have better relationships, find fulfilment, happiness, contentment and continue on to live a life that makes them feel incredibly free & alive.

Rosemary has been happily married for 13 years and is mother to 3 young princesses.

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