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Spiritual Teachers among us

Nicole Salinger
Written By: Nicole Salinger posted June 18, 2015

Today I want to talk about the greatest role ever given upon mankind, a role that centuries ago, was once believed to be a gift sent down from the Gods. A role with powers of such great magnitude, bestowed upon those who demonstrated qualities of inner knowing, of great instinctual genius, of such humility and passion. A role that contained such responsibility, such powerful forward thinking ideals that most young minds or even the likes of royalty, relied upon them for guidance, strength, support and understanding. For the role I talk about today, is and will always be, the sacred job of the Master Teacher.

In the 21st Century, we still hold teachers in great regard, as they are hired to spend precious hours teaching our children in kindergartens, primary schools and high schools. Others choose to go on an enlightened academic path as leading lecturers at Universities and Colleges across the world. No doubt, I hold great respect for these special individuals and I cannot deny how gifted their chosen path is, and how they so valiantly take the reins of their responsibilty to create greatness in others. Spiritual Teachers

Spiritual teachers

What is a Spiritual Teacher?

Today I want to talk about the other kinds of teachers that exist in our surrounding environment. Ones that are of equal importance in our lives, but not ones that necessarily stand out in a crowd, or even in our minds for that matter. These teachers I am referring to aren't necessarily used for academic enlightenment, nor do they lecture in a classroom. Their purpose is not readily apparent, nor are they godlike in their appearance. They are here on earth with and around us, and many, if not all of them, are completely unaware of the powerful way they connect with others, and more often than not, we ourselves are not even aware of this same power that exists in ourselves, in all of us really, for the kind of teacher I am speaking of is... Spiritual Teachers

The Spiritual job of transforming others around us, to better each other's spirits, so we can grow and evolve into a beaming state of loving energy on which the universe was created.

So here's the thing I really want you to understand about my Spiritual Teacher Ideology... 

Spiritual Teachers can appear as friends or...

The very clan or cluster of people you mostly surround yourself with who lift you higher. Like members of your family and the people you love, but even more than that, they can be disguised as your worst enemies. The very people who may have bullied you, who may have clouded your mind with self-doubt, who may have tried to destroy your spirit, or those who may have sucked you dry by draining your energy.

They could be a family member who you need patience for, a friend who may have let you go without warning, a person you may have tragically lost or you may have been challenged in an arguement with your partner, best-friend, or your boss.

Some stay in our lives forever, and become your mentors, others come and go like the seasons of the weather. Sprinkling fairy dust on you when your spirit has needed it most, but have suddenly had to leave you for no apparent reason as their spiritual job with you was done. But more often than not, they are there to teach you a lesson, or to challenge your belief system, or to just create a little ripple to touch your soul in a gentle, peaceful, but incredibly magnified way, towards a heightened more authentic level of being. 

So no matter in which form they appear, it is no secret that even if their mere existence in your life was highly positive or deeply negative, their purpose was to teach you right from wrong. Thus guiding you and perhaps indirectly protecting you so you can eventually work out exactly who you truly are and who you were really meant to be in this life, right here, right now, leading you purposefully back, to "The Power Of You".


Nicole Salinger,

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