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Seeking Genuine Connection In Our Lives

Sarah Harrison
Written By: Sarah Harrison posted November 22, 2015

Albert Einstein once said:

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

So are we a generation of idiots? Do we really rely on technology to communicate with one another that much? To the point where we can no longer be inspired by the simple things, such as an honest, genuine face-to-face conversation?

Social Media can be a wonderful tool for connecting with others, sharing ideas, building a business and even finding inspiration. Yet to be innovative and original it is important to not loose yourself in other people’s worlds. To be the best that you can be you must stay true to your own course and not become absorbed in other people’s doings. Easier said than done in a time where we are continuously exposed to social media on a daily basis. Yet how often we use that technology is ultimately controlled by us. We determine what we see and how often we see it. There comes a point when we need to say, enough’s enough. We need to get off our laptops or our smart-phones and actually engage in honest, interpersonal communication.

What happened to finding inspiration in literature? In films? In theatre? In music? When was the last time you went to your local library and browsed slowly through the aisles in search of that perfect read? We live in a busy time. We all tend to be in a real hurry. We take short cuts to communicate with one another. However what we don’t realise is that we are letting life get away on us. We are so absorbed in other people’s worlds that we are forgetting to enjoy our own journey. Quite simply- we are losing touch with what it means to be human. By hiding behind technology we are loosing our ability to appreciate life and all that it can offer. 

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Despite the idea that technology brings us closer together, it can seem as if we more isolated than ever before. Social Media is in many ways an illusion. It can easily be misinterpreted. It can give a false perception of reality. These mediated environments give us the opportunity to change our identity, to change the way in which we are perceived. We can never under estimate the value of face-to-face communication. It is a skill we learn through interacting and connecting with others, not through technology use. We need to listen to others to understand them, not simply to just reply. 

Sure, technology has altered the way in how we communicate with one another. Yet it is up to us how we let that technology shape our ability to communicate and connect with one another. 

We need to slow down and just breathe. Be proud of ourselves. Do not compare ourselves to others. If we were all the same the world would be extremely dull. If we seek for things that will feed our soul and not our ego, inspiration will be sure to come. 


Sarah Harrison, 

About the author:

Harrison has a Bachelor of Communications and provides content for the Ivy College blog. Her love of photography and writing has allowed her to create a career providing businesses creative content for their blogs, social media and websites.  Sarah also runs her own blog, which acts as a wonderful creative outlet for her when she is not chasing after her three small children. 

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