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Mindfulness vs the Digital Age - Regroup Your Spirit

Nicole Salinger
Written By: Nicole Salinger posted May 20, 2015

Instagram. Facebook. Tumblr. Twitter…

Don’t you just love the Digital Age?

I’m talking about Google, YouTube and how it keep us in touch with our friends and family across the world, across time zones, across nations, bringing us all together to making the world a smaller place to share things with each other, like photos, and videos, to keep us connected via our interests, via our views of the world.

But after 10 years of self navigating through these new communicative tools of the Google-actic trade, there are many things I have noticed about the effects of Social Media when it is used from a Social perspective, and how it effects us Emotionally and Spiritually within. I’ll give you an example. Years ago, I remember being added to Facebook by an old friend, who was trying to organize a 20 year school reunion. It was truly overwhelming as suddenly, I had the tools to connect with my history of old friends, with communication options that were so enticing so spellbinding as I could magically connect both my past and present worlds together with a single click.


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Wow.. The love I felt, like I was being rediscovered.. like I was, what's the word... Redefining myself! So here’s the thing about the Cyberspace that we all need to be mindful of. It makes us feel special, wanted and important. We can choose to attract attention without having to leave our house. But mostly, it fulfills a need within us that we could not possibly do on our own, in such a short amount of time. So how is this affecting our self-esteem?

Has Social Media become more than a tool for communication? Has it become somewhat… Psychologically powerful? Is it manipulating us to put on a show to others, so we learn to become a speck of ourselves, but leave out the wholeness? So let's be mindful for a moment...

How do we curtail our need for approval and take hold of ourselves?  Let’s become our own emotional sounding boards, for a start. Why not start paying attention to OURSELVES? Like doing something that made you feel good inside, that filled you up with such self - love and faith of achievement that you would no longer need any outside-approval? Seek inner- approval, and go inside yourself to find your own happiness, and please.. please.. please stop comparing yourself with picture perfect life images on Social Media!

How can we develop better relationships with true connection, when in a technological world, communication takes half the time? It’s time to match our energies towards some real quality friendships and relationships in the present moment, so they represent the core of our being. Lastly, we also need to stop comparing ourselves to the picture perfect images you see on Facebook or Instagram. These photos are merely periodic highlighted photos in an entire lifetime of a person’s life story. The secret of our happiness is not about living on a permanent high everyday, we are meant to deal with the highs and lows of emotions in our lives so we can grow and accrue more meaning within ourselves than Social Media could ever comprehend.

It’s really that simple. It's time to reconnect Physically, Energetically and Spiritually. So Regroup with yourself from time to time, and start to pay attention within. 



Nicole Salinger is very excited to be a Guest blogger at yourpeakstate.com. She is a Worldwide Motivational Writer and Blogger, and a Certified Fitness Instructor and Coach. Her passionate articles are about reigniting your Self-Confidence, Spiritual Fitness, Self Acceptance, Body Image and Self - Belief systems. She is very excited to help you change your life for the better, and many of her inspirational articles can be found at her own blog.

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