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Millennials: The Stressed out Generation

Nate Vickery
Written By: Nate Vickery posted August 28, 2015

Being young this day and age is not easy. Though this may appear contradictory for members of older generations, who all have had their chances to enjoy their collective youths and remember those days as carefree and easy, today’s youth appears to be stressed and under a lot of pressure. There are several reasons that have induced this rule of thumb and caused masses to metaphorically stop sucking on their own thumbs and abruptly enter the harsh world of adulthood.

Lack of Jobs

Steve Jobs was a great inspiration for many a young person, but Steve isn’t the only “Jobs” that we lost during this millennium. Starting with the infamous economic crisis of 2008, unemployment rates have skyrocketed, causing an unheard of job availability plummet. Having doubled its percentage in as little as the following couple of years, the unemployment is one of the biggest things that cause worry in America’s youth. All of a sudden, having a college degree has completely changed its meaning. That which meant a secure workplace only a couple of years back, has sailed into a stream of uncertainty, so it doesn’t really come as a shock that this is a number one cause of stress in many a Millennial.

College Costs & Loans

$23,066! That’s the average cost of college education. Correct me if I’m wrong, but, according to the report by Demos, didn’t the numbers use to revolve around a figure of 10 grand during the 1980s!? It has always been the American way to work in order to pay for one’s education, and the right way it is, but a lot of young individuals have to work at least two jobs in order to support themselves. Having to constantly worry about future student loan payments means no relief for the Generation Y. And why indeed is this actually the case? While it is true that this will shape current twenty-something-year-olds into far more capable, persistent and strong adults in comparison to their Gen Xer counterparts, the anxiety and stress this is causing right now is likely to negatively influence their later lives.

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The Dark Ages of Politics

Having lived through more than a couple of wartime mandates tends to leave a mark on a person, even if the conflicts are thousands of miles away. Feeling constantly watched by the Big Brother’s all-seeing eye hasn’t really helped the situation as well. Living in an age of racial, cultural and political diversity, many a young adult doesn’t share views with their elders. This has permanently embedded the aura of distrust in their minds. Where diversity goes, the good old “All I know is that I know nothing” follows, so while skepticism is currently a trend, things might not be all that murky. Diversity breathes acceptance, which further brings out open-mindedness and paves the ground for progress.

Active Life

The best way to deal with stress is physical activity, a trait that the current generation can deservedly brag about. 72% of the Millennials have stated that they engage in physical activity at least on a weekly basis. While this not may be an ideal level of it, it is a huge improvement in comparison to the Gen Xers that remain in the 59% lows. This is the weapon that the Millennials have chosen to fight the depression and heart disease - causing stress and anxiety with.

It is extremely hard out there for a Millennial. All things considered, this bunch has had it a lot harder than their predecessors. But this means growing into more capable adults. Carving their own paths is a signature of sorts for the Generation Y, and make no mistake – they take pride in this. And by all means, why shouldn’t they? Hard work and learning to swim by being dropped into a deep, cold, dark lake that is the modern-day life is slowly, yet thoroughly shaping the youth into stabile, firm, decisive people.


Nate Vickery,

About the author:

Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. He’s been strolling through life with positive energy in his heart and mind and that’s working out for him great so far. Aside from work he enjoys spending time with his fiancée and dog.

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