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Book review: Leading an Inspired Life By Jim Rohn

Damien Thomas
Written By: Damien Thomas posted May 4, 2015

This book is in my opinion essential reading for anyone who is seriously interested in his or her personal development, and who is committed to taking the necessary action to achieve their goals. My copy gets picked up on a daily basis for my regular dose of timeless wisdom and guidance from the personal development legend Jim Rohn.

Packed with over 460 pages of Jim’s philosophies, this hardcover book is a complete collection of his very best teachings, and it contains all of the fundamentals for success. Many of the worlds best known personal development speakers such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Darren Hardy and many more, consider Jim Rohn a huge influence in their lives. 

When I first read Leading an Inspired life, I read it vigorously from cover to cover. When I re read it, I let all of the wonderful information really sink in and I took notes in my journal about every chapter. I continue to use these valuable notes everyday. 

In this book Jim covers in his very easy to read style everything from:

  • The Magic word: Discipline.
  • The Art of Personal Development
  • Setting Compelling Goals
  • The Power of Ideas
  • The Driving Force of Motivation
  • Qualities of Skillful Leadership
  • The Road to Financial Independence
  • The Keys to Powerful Communication
  • The Dynamics of Change and Growth
  • The Fundamentals of Business Success
  • Fundamentals of Personal Success
  • Refining Your Philosophy of Life
  • Building Exceptional Relationships
  • Mastering the Negative
  • Enjoying True Success

The impressive Chapter titles are only surpassed by the great information contained in each one. 

I think that I must have read The Chapter on Setting Compelling Goals at least a dozen times, and it never fails to inspire me.  Jim Rohn tells us how to set the kind of goals that will push us and inspire us to achieve everything that we want in life.  If you follow Jim’s two rules for goal setting you will as he says, “Become more than you ever could have imagined!” 

This book is almost like a complete encyclopedia of personal development, as you feel as if you are transported to one of Jim’s famous seminars. Leading an Inspired Life gives you all the tools and the instructions on how you can become more successful in every area of your life. 

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Many of the motivational quotes that I get for my Facebook page “Motivational daily Quotes” can be found in Leading an Inspired Life. Every page of this book is packed with a memorable phrase or quote that will stick in your head long after you have read it.

“Humans can turn nothing into something, pennies into fortune, disaster into success. The reason we can do such remarkable things is because we are remarkable. “ Jim Rohn

I personally cannot put an honest value on this book, how can I put a price on a book that has changed my life.

“The major value in life is not what you get, the major value in life is what you become.” Jim Rohn

It doesn’t matter if you are a life long student of personal development or if you are just searching for the first book of your new library, Leading an Inspired life is in my opinion both an essential and a very enjoyable read, and it is a book that you will enjoy coming back to again and again. 

“ When your goals are truly important to you, you will not only eventually achieve them, you will also deserve all of the rewards that you reap in the process of doing so.” Jim Rohn

If you have not read this book yet, I am genuinely excited what you have in store for you. As Jim used to say,  “It could be the day that turns your life around.”

Is this the kind of book you want to read?

Get it here! Enjoy!

Leading an Inspired Life

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