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Is your glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Meri Har-Gil
Written By: Meri Har-Gil posted June 23, 2015

You've heard the "half-cup" analogy a hundred times before. Pessimists see it as half empty, and optimists see it as half full. But, today, I want you to look at that halfway-filled cup and say to yourself, "To me, it's overflowing!".

Of course, the cup isn't actually overflowing, but you can envision its potential to overflow. When you approach life — and your goals — with this "overflowing" mindset, you're much less likely to get stuck.

Here's what I mean. Whether you see the cup as half empty or half full, it's still not "complete" or filled to the brim. There is still something missing there. 

You may look at a challenging situation in life and think that you don't have what it takes to face it, overcome it, conquer it. This may really depress you and get you down, or you may just accept it with contentment. Either way, you're stuck, not making progress, not moving forward. 

For example, a new product you launched for your business isn't selling as well as you hoped. The pessimist says, "All that hard work down the drain!" The optimist says, "Oh well, at least I gave it my best shot." The "overflowing" person says, "I've learned so much in the process of creating this product that I know exactly what changes to make in order to improve sales!"

The pessimist is locked in a prison of self-doubt and shame. The optimist is in good spirits but is also resigned to the defeat. The "overflowing" person realizes she has everything she needs to move onward and upward. 

Where is your mindset today? Where does it need to be? If you're feeling like you're not "enough", then ponder this quote: 

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. -  John C. Maxwell

To your unstoppable success, 

Meri Har-Gil

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