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Importance of Exercise For Your Mind

Gina Davis
Written By: Gina Davis posted June 13, 2015

We hear all the time about how great exercise is for your body. There is always a new article about all of the wonderful benefits, from weight loss and slowing the aging process, to reducing the odds of heart disease. It lowers blood pressure, prevents depression, and the list goes on and on. Did you know that along with all of these advantages, exercise also improves your brain?

The area of the brain that involves learning and verbal memory is boosted by aerobic exercise. It effects the growth of new brain cells and new blood vessels in the brain. If you get your heart rate up, you are improving blood flow through the entire body. You are also increasing the level of brain chemicals, called "growth factors", that help form new connections between brain cells and help you learn , according to a study from the University of British Columbia.

Short walks can improve your mental stability

Even just going for a leisurely stroll can help your mind. A study from the Archives of Internal Medicine , in 2011, reported that elderly adults, who were mildly active, doing things such as taking short walks, gardening and cleaning, scored significantly better than their inactive peers. The group that was more active was actually able to recall memories and think as clearly as they had at the beginning of the study, two to five years prior.

When you are exercising, you are forcing yourself to focus and also work on your coordination, which, of course, is exercising your brain. This concept may sound extremely simple, but it is just like building any other part of your body. The more you use it and work it, the stronger it gets. The more you increase your blood flow, the more oxygen and nutrients will reach that part of the body.

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Why exercise helps your brain development

Exercising releases hormones that affect your over-all performance. Some of the key hormones that are released are serotonine , norepinephrine, and dopamine. This effects your perception, attention, motivation and your mood. These hormones pouring through your body, in combination with the blood flow bringing in the oxygen and nutrients to your brain, will help you reach peak performance, no matter what task you are facing.

If you have an important meeting, or need the best of your memory for that extensive presentation, get your blood pumping! Go for a short walk early in the morning, to start your day off right. Hit the gym on your lunch break before closing that deal. Just 30 minutes of cardio can improve your brain function and memory. The more often you do it, the healthier your body and mind will be. You work so very hard at your job. If you put that extra little bit into yourself and your health, you will get paid back in ways that you never expected.

Exercise can improve your performance at work

According to Harvard Business Review, studies have proven that the extent of our physical activity is directly related to our performance at our job. People who are physically active have proven to not only learn faster and have prolonged stamina, but also have lower stress and enhanced creativity. Exercise lowers your stress levels and makes you less irritable, which directly helps when dealing with people on a daily basis. There has also been evidence proving that people that exercise "during work hours", were more productive, managed their time more effectively , and went home feeling more satisfied.

Getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing is beneficial to your entire body. I personally believe that the advantages of exercise on the body and mind far outweight any excuse that anyone could come up with to avoid it. You can boost your brain power and your body all at the same time.  I see no negatives! What I see, is yet another reason to get up and get moving!

Gina Davis,

Gina Davis is a writer, living in Texas. She is currently studying health and nutrition and believes in an all-around healthy lifestyle for body, mind and spirit. She is working on changing the way that the world looks at themselves, their lives, and their imaginary boundaries, one vision at a time.

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