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How to Stay Focused and Productive at Work

Anum Yoon
Written By: Anum Yoon posted October 28, 2015

Your job can sometimes seem like a huge drain, so learning to stay focused and productive at work is essential to being successful. Focus gives you the level of attention you need to train your mind to attend to important tasks over extended periods of time. You can teach your brain to do what you want it to.

Motivation is the internal strength to push toward achievement and action. Motivation is fueled by the determination and initiative to accomplish something. Both focus and motivation are needed to sustain productivity at work, and here are a few ways to maintain both:

1. Wake up With a Motivational “Bang”

How you wake up will set the pace for the rest of your day, but most people have a hard time establishing a good morning routine. To start off on the right foot, get out of bed immediately and drink a tall glass of water. Then engage in a few minutes of stretching. You can use music as you psyche yourself up for the day, too. At some point, you should also look at your goals to remind you of what you’d like to accomplish.  

These methods can help your mind engage and ensure you have the mental clarity to face whatever heads your way. 

2. Plan a Lively Commute

You probably spend a good bit of your time commuting to work in the morning, right? Why not use this time to listen to an inspiring book or podcast? Or how about a music playlist that really wakes you up. Staying alert and motivated while commuting sets the pace for a positive and focused day. And don’t forget a hot cup of coffee to foster alertness and keep you from drowsy driving

3. Make a To-Do List

Now that you have made it into work, what can you do to keep your motivational momentum? Making a to-do list is a key component to working in an efficient way. An effective to-do list will outline tasks and place them in order of priority. To-do lists help you stay focused on tasks that are essential to achieving your long-term goals. 

4. Stay Focused Throughout Your Day

Our brains are naturally distracted by what goes on throughout the day. Training your brain to stay focused at work will help you be more productive. Suggestions to achieve brain-trained focus include working on creative tasks first and allocating time in a thoughtful manner. Also, practice concentration by eliminating the “multi-tasks” that are tantamount to distraction, and that alone can help you improve your focus. This process is similar to athletic training and takes time to develop.

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5. Take Short Breaks 

Sometimes breaks can be perceived negatively, like someone is slacking off. But research indicates taking breaks throughout the day can actually lead to improvements in both productivity and mental acuity. In fact, micro-breaks of about 30 seconds up to five minutes improve your mental acuity by 13 percent. So the next time you think about skipping lunch, do your brain a favor and take that break.  

 6. Do It Now 

Don’t take the time to give your brain the ability to make an excuse for not accomplishing a task. Force yourself to just do it now. This sounds so trite, but procrastination can easily sneak into your work day and prevent you from staying focused. Start working on a project now that you have been making excuses about doing. This will enhance your focus and motivation. 

Maintaining focus at work will help you improve your productivity. Beginning your day in a motivational way and carrying this pace throughout your workday will help you in sustaining motivation. 

In addition, forcing yourself to do those tasks that may seem boring, tedious and downright terrible will help you to teach your brain the focus you need to achieve your goals and be productive. However, it’s important to remember you may not get to this point of expert motivation and focus right away, so be patient. In time, it will all come together, and your productivity will be though the roof. 


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