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How to Restore Your Body and Mind Energy

Nicole Noel
Written By: Nicole Noel posted September 29, 2015

A modern lifestyle, besides its many advantages, brings with it a lot of stress and tiredness, too. It seems like we work harder than ever, longer than ever and more than ever, and we simply can’t find the time to relax and “smell the roses”. The hasty life pace and the abundance of information (often stressful and overwhelming) has brought us to the point where we can’t restore our energy even if we could take a four week vacation. Still, there are plenty of changes and small habits we can incorporate into our daily or weekly routine that will help us restore our mental and physical energy. We’ll give you a few tips on how to achieve that.

Reduce Stress

Stress is a modern man’s disease. Not only is it a condition by itself, it is also the primary cause of physical diseases too. That’s why you shouldn’t take this lightly. Provide your mind and body with the ideal stress relievers. One of them is, of course, aromatherapy, as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical solutions. Remember those moments when you would lose your temper, and someone said “Relax, take a deep breath”.

Yoga scents

It actually works. Abdominal breathing for about 30 minutes a day can reduce anxiety and stress. Adequate sleeping positions can benefit your mind, heart and overall health. The only time when your muscles are (or should be) completely relaxed is sleeping, so make sure you get it right. There should be no stress on the spine, hips, joints or neck. 

Connect with Nature 

One of the best ways to reduce physical and mental fatigue is to spend some time in nature. Some studies have shown that even just observing photos of nature can give you a cognitive boost. Nature has the power of improving your mood and relaxing your nerves.


It’s recommendable to take at least one short daily stroll through the park. You can connect with nature by going to spa and health retreats. Visiting a mental health retreat, with individual counseling sessions and other treatments will contribute to your overall emotional and physical wellbeing. From one-day spa to a couple of weeks rejuvenating and cleansing, you can’t go wrong with natural cures.

Nourish Your Body

Nourishing your body the right way, means, above all, providing it with adequate nutrients. Intake of both macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) is crucial. Carbohydrates are your body’s primary source of energy, so you shouldn’t listen to those diets which are advising you to avoid it. 

nourish your body

You’ll find your protein dose in seafood, animal products, legumes, nuts and grains. Omega-3 fats should be consumed often, and omega-6 should be reduced as much as possible. One more unavoidable matter when discussing body care is hydration. Your minimum shouldn’t go under 8 glasses of water per day.


Exercising helps your body to be healthy and energized and keeps your mind stress-free. You don’t have to sweat until you disappear in the gym (unless that’s your cup of tea). Everything from walking, cycling and jogging to swimming and yoga is an option.


Yoga is the queen of stress relievers, and you should at least give it a try. Walking and jogging will help you wake up your organism and connect with nature. A gentle swim can burn more than 200 calories in just half an hour and improve psychological wellbeing. Dancing can be a fun way to be active, and additionally improve your confidence and relieve stress. 

Give your body and mind the attention they deserve and they’ll reward you tenfold.

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