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How To Lose Your Weight With Yoga

Nicole Noel
Written By: Nicole Noel posted August 25, 2015

If you’re struggling with extra body weight, you’ve probably tried intensive workouts, a variety of exhausting dietary programs, and dozens of other demanding ventures, but have you ever considered losing weight with yoga? Ever since it started to be tremendously popular worldwide, yoga became a synonym for meditation, stress relief and Zen state of mind, but not so many people know that it can actually be an excellent way to achieve a fit body. From the moment I discovered that yoga actually improved the ability of my body to melt fat deposits I fell in love with it, but before yoga becomes your best friend too, let’s see in what ways it can help you lose weight:

Yoga reduces production of cortisol

When you are stressed, tired or nervous, your organism produces a high level of the stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone prevents your body from burning calories by creating an illusion that you are hungry, so your body automatically stores fats, usually in the belly area. I learned from my yoga instructor that yoga successfully lowers cortisol by stimulating the nervous system to control it. When the level of cortisol in the body decreases, the metabolism becomes capable of melting fat, which is why I started to lose weight more quickly from the moment I signed up for yoga classes.  

Function of cortisol in stress

Deep breathing boosts muscles and burn fats

Proper breathing, which is the foundation of yoga, is not just positively influencing our minds but our bodies too. Breathing properly means breathing from the lower belly, where you should take in enough air which will completely fill your lungs.  

By breathing this way you are using 100% capacity of your lungs and the amount of oxygen which enters your organism increases. More oxygen boosts the metabolism, and as a result can increase fat loss. Each of my yoga sessions requires focusing on deep breathing in equal intervals and a slow rhythm.

Man doing yoga

Practising yoga leads to healthy eating

When I started gaining interest in yoga, I must admit that I found this correlation a bit awkward, but then my friend told me that yoga makes her eat less than usual. Later I discovered that yoga exercises teach the awareness of the self, so we stop eating from the moment our mind registers satiety and we are less eager to eat snacks and sweets during the stressful periods.

So, I felt like it is a great time to adopt nutrition tips my personal trainer from Dubai taught me and I based my diet on 5-6 highly nutritive meals, every 2-3 hours during the day. In the end, when you add healthy nutrition to the balance of metabolism which yoga provides, there is no doubt that you will reach a fit and well-shaped body.

Yoga is efficient cardiovascular training.

Particular yoga style, in Sanscrit known as Vinyasa, it is based on a range of smooth and quick movements synchronized with deep breathing, which improves heart activity and helps the body to burn fat

yoga on the beach

Due to movements which include gentle sliding through the air, I heard people call this style “flow” yoga, but it is one of the most intensive workouts I’ve experienced since I started practising yoga to lose weight.

With a power to develop mindful eating, releasing our mind from stress and gently activating the metabolic processes in our bodies, yoga stands out as very healthy, nonaggressive and effective way to lose your weight.


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