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How To Live A Purpose Driven Life

Anna Geller
Written By: Anna Geller posted July 8, 2015

In the last 10 years I have changed companies that I have worked in a few times, I have had different job titles and even career fields! I started as an industrial psychologist and I spent about 5 years in corporations in a human resources function. I was a university lecturer, a business consultant, personal trainer, nutritionist, wellness coach, and a hotelier. Scientists say that it is ok to change your career field every 5 years. So I did. But it wasn’t satisfying and nourishing. I always had a feeling that something was missing in my life, and what I was doing was just wasting my life pretending to be a mediocre society member.

Do any of these feelings sound familiar to you? Have you ever felt as if you were a black hole, a zombie, or a robot? As if you were living but you were are not excited about your real life?

Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed every job I had. But I reached the point where I thought: “I don’t want to wake up and do it! Over and over again.” Eventually, this rat race was broken and I was introduced to the art of self-branding and it started with defining the core concept of my mission.

One of the books that I highly recommend to master your personal mission (they call it a life purpose or soul calling) is called The Path. This book actually explains why you should have a mission master. No matter whether you are struggling with finding further directions in your personal life, or your business - you need to have a clearly determined mission statement. You need a mission to live a purpose driven life. 

Let’s go first to what having a mission means and why an individual should have one!

Defining a mission

Having searched various dictionaries, I found that the most popular meaning of a mission is a strategy or direction. Other definitions conclude a mission as a number of tasks or duties to be done, an operation having specific goals and principals (mainly used by political or public organizations), or a personal calling.

Why do you need to have one?

Having your own mission is like holding a compass in your hands: wherever you go, you never lose your direction and you always reach your destination! Knowing what you stand for helps you to understand what makes up your life and become an important part of it or, alternatively, to release what no longer serves you and holds you back from living your desired life.

Having your mission is like having an ideal relationship. Once you decided on a serious, nourishing and supportive relationship with a trusted and mature partner, you will never hang out with a liar or cheater. Because you know who you are and what kind of partner you deserve. And you will never settle for anything (or anybody) less! When you stand for only mature relationships, you determine how you should behave and you make the impression as a lady with whom a man should have such relationships.  So, the way you appear to the world will clearly speak  “I am a Goddess and you have to be amazing to become my God!” With no surprises, you will attract the Mr. Right who will respect and worship your godliness. 

Getting back to the importance of having your mission, you will never take a wrong path or a path that will take you nowhere. You will never spend your time with people who discourage you or support your negative beliefs. You will choose what’s best for you by acting from a place of love, not fear!

How to make your perfect mission statement?

In order to make a mission statement there are a few rules:

  1. Keep it short! So, Laurie Beth Jones, the author of The Path, advises a mission statement be no longer than one sentence. She asks her readers – “If Mother Theresa’s mission was to show mercy and compassion to the dying, why should yours be pages long?”
  2. Keep it simple! A well-designed mission is short and clear, so that a 5 year old kid and 70 year old grandma could understand it. So, in its first edition my mission was “helping people to understand their true desires.”
  3. Keep it valuable! You must remember it not only by heart, but by your soul, too. I had a teacher in my middle school that always told us – “I want you to remember this rule! If you were woken up at midnight, I’d want you to say it loud, clear and precise!” 

So, how about your mission? Do you have one? Does your mind and soul understand it and live it? Are you determined to fulfill your mission statement, or are you lost in chasing after the meaningless details that imitate life?   

Anna Geller,

Anna Geller is an Intuitive Healer and Abundance Facilitator. She’s helping clients all over the world create the life they always wanted through unleashing their passions, releasing negative self-talks and saying yes! to their true desires. Stay tuned. Stay loved with her DIVA Radio series, soulful newsletters and daily inspirations. 

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