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How To Go Cyber Free and Reboot Your Life!

Nicole Salinger
Written By: Nicole Salinger posted May 28, 2015

I stand at the seashore, and just stare at the cinematic beauty of the ocean before me. I take in the sun and the sea air, and am just spellbound by how relaxed it makes me feel. The waves of the shore crash and ebb, and I breathe along with that soothing sound, in and out, in perfect rhythm. 

You see, I've come to a screenshot of paradise so sacred and beautiful, so clean and untouched, so remote and secluded that I have no choice but to look around and bask in the gloriousness of such new calm and peaceful surroundings.

On the horizon, the seagulls fly by with breaths of tickled breeziness, as the shore of the vast ocean welcomes us with new beginnings, calling out to us with choices of applications Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest lulling our minds into a deep resonating restful MPE -  Mobile Phone Euphoria: A euphoric energy of love, acceptance and kindness, connecting to our minds and spirits, holding out its hand to shadow our restless souls in tranquil protectiveness.

And we start connecting with a soothing picture on our Facebook screen, with all of our Friends, Followers and Updates, scrolling down into an abyss of sweet addictiveness, for we have entered the presence of Mother Wifi and all of her ears are listening, in fact everyone in Cyberland is listening.

And you are transfixed. Pulled in by a “web” so to speak?

It soothes us, it liberates us, it defines us and it de-stresses us. 

So, if this feeling applies to you, if you find that the only way you can relax is by turning on your mobile phone, then are they the new answer to our inner peace and meditative stillness? If what you see in the world around you is a reflection of who you are, does that mean that we are just robotic humans turning to technology to chill out in a computerized playland?

At times, I know that life can certainly feel very robotic, and quite stressful. So in our down time, we need to relax, unwind, and recharge. But most of us are doing ourselves more harm than good by taking ourselves out of reality and just gazing at other people’s picture perfect lives on Facebook or other Social Media. Are we starting to warp our minds and perceive that our lives are worth nothing? As a “Voyeur" shouldn't you be questioning your actions about why YOU are the one sitting back and watching life go by? And if so, why aren’t YOU taking action and really participating in the joy of living your OWN LIFE? 

Isn’t it time to unplug your mobile phone, even just for a few hours? Start just once a week. Try sitting by yourself in a quiet space. In the bath, in bed before you go to sleep, in your local park, at your favorite cafe, or on a lazy Sunday morning at your window sill.

Then get your pen and paper out and start taking some notes. Change is in the air, and it is seeking to connect with your restless spirit, why? 

So you can start to transform into the person you really want to be. By making a difference to others around you, and leaving behind a footprint of simple honesty and humble integrity. So give yourself the gift of redefining who you are, and start TAKING ACTION, join a gym, sign up for a cooking class, do some volunteer work, start a course in a completely different subject.

Motivate yourself, Get Fit in your body and in your head, testing your curiosity, your passions, reigniting the fire within your belly, and making a difference in not only your life, but in someone else’s, give more because you want to. Love more because that is the very basic element that makes us feel most alive. Take yourself out of your boring, monotonous, inner Cyber world of false expectations and superficiality and bring yourself back to the beautiful, purposeful human being that you are with a full and glorious life of cinematic beauty just waiting for you.



Shine Brightly,

Nicole Salinger.

Nicole Salinger is very excited to be a Guest blogger at She is a Worldwide Motivational Writer and Blogger, and a Certified Fitness Instructor and Coach. Her passionate articles are about reigniting your Self-Confidence, Spiritual Fitness, Self Acceptance, Body Image and Self - Belief systems. She is very excited to help you change your life for the better, and many of her inspirational articles can be found at her own blog.

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