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How to Create a Mindset for Success

Harshit Sekhon
Written By: Harshit Sekhon posted August 22, 2015

The dictionary definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. Notice how it says nothing about money, power, fame etc? Then why is it that only 5% people in the world achieve success whereas the others just get by with their lives? There are no secrets. It actually isn’t even that difficult. All it takes is a slightly different mindset.

Define Success  

To achieve success you ought to know what it looks like. What it feels like. What it smells like. Okay maybe not what it smells like but you get the point. You never leave home just to go to France for a holiday. You’ll know the name of the hotel or AirBnB address you’ll be staying at. You’ll have a decent idea about the attractions you want to visit and if you’re a foodie which foods you’d like to try and where. Achieving success works in a similar way. You have to define what it means for you. Mind you, money and fame alone are not the only measures of success. It could be a dream career, personal development to rise to the level of Lincoln or even to be the best dad or mum. Your life’s goals and priorities will determine your idea of success. Once you’ve thought about it write it down. How long will it take you to get there? How will you feel waking up everyday once you have attained it? This is not an easy task. It is too easy to fall for the readymade success definition of fame and fortune but will you be happy when you get there? Spend a little time everyday to refine your vision of success.

The Process

If you follow the lives of people who are considered successful you’ll notice that everyone starts at zero. Going from zero to hero is a rather unromantic and boring process. Small seemingly mundane and uninteresting steps which when added up look really big. Even a bricklayer can only build a wall one brick at a time. He doesn’t look at the blueprint and worry about how he’s going to erect 10 walls. Follow the process. The process is really easy to follow but equally easy to not follow. Keep a tab on your progress. Write it down somewhere. Are you getting closer to the goal or moving away from it?

Get Uncomfortable

I’ll share my personal experience with you on this one. Some of the best things I have learnt in my career have come from stepping outside what I already know or have mastered. As humans we don’t really like change and that is normal. And once we find a comfortable spot we find it even harder to change. Now think of this comfortable spot in your life or career as point zero. Between point zero and your vision of success lay a lot of actions that you are not used to. Will you be able to achieve your vision if choose to not make any changes? The best things happen outside your comfort zone.


Seize Opportunities

If you look at your environment carefully you’ll notice there are opportunities all around you. Does someone in your office need assistance with their project? Does your friend’s business need a hand with marketing? If you’re an analytical person like me this will not come as naturally to you. We end up analysing the situation too much before we make up our minds and in that time the opportunity will have passed. Say yes and then figure out a way to do it.


In approaching change it is important to go a little easy on yourself. The 10,000 hours to mastery principle states that it takes 10,000 hours of practice at something to become a true master at it. For the first 1000 hours you will suck at it. But that’s just part of learning. Learn anyway. Continuous learning is the only way to keep moving forward. He who fails to learn learns only to fail.


The path to success is neither an easy one nor straightforward. Media hype will have you believe that businesses and people are overnight success but they’re not. To become an overnight success took them countless hours of resilience and hard work. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you. You’ll have to define your path and carve your way through hard rock if you have to make it through. It will take quite a few tries and experiments before you settle on what works. It is through the power of persistence that a river carves its way through canyons. You are a lot smarter than water.

Embrace Failure

Failures are just ways to know that you’re making an effort in an unexplored direction. you are bound to stumble upon failures and that it normal. As long as you learn from it. We’re not really in a competition to fail the most number of times. There will be times when things don’t go as planned or are simply out of your control. You can either spend the time beating yourself up about it or start working on your next step. Which one of the two efforts is likely to have a positive impact? However, there is a difference between failure from reckless behaviour and failure in methodical actions. The former is surely going to lead to doom.

In closing, the only person in this world who can help you become successful is you. Even if you inherited a huge fortune unless you use and apply it appropriately you’ll end up broke. Success is a mind game and for as long as you’re alive the game is on. Society’s norms and stereotypes are for the sheep. Wolves play on their own terms. This is one of my favourite quotes from Vince Lombardi, one of the greatest names in American football, which keeps me going even on bad days; “Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”


Harshit Sekhon

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