Finding Your Passion: Part 2 - Your Peak State

Finding Your Passion: Part 2

Meri Har-Gil
Written By: Meri Har-Gil posted May 19, 2015

Hello again! Last time, I talked about how your passion is always calling you, always pulling you, always drawing you to it like a magnet. Many of us feel that way. But what if you don't? What if you have no idea what your passion is? Or maybe you're asking yourself, “What happened to the passion and energy I used to feel?” If this is the case, then chances are you're at a point in life where things are pretty stable and routine. Maybe you've gotten too comfortable, too complacent. If you're often bored or you've become reluctant to try new things, then that's a good indicator you've let your passion grow cold. When your passion is in the deep freeze, it's stuck, immovable, like a block of ice. It can't call to you or draw you or pull you.

Time to thaw it out! I've got a few ideas to help you start this process. First, cultivate your curiosity. If you aren't naturally inquisitive, then start by making a conscious effort to ask more questions. Ask questions in social situations: How do you feel about that? How did it all start? Why did you find that easy/hard?

Ask questions at work: Why does our department do this? What's the purpose of this procedure? Can we try something new?

This may sound a little off the wall, but a curious person doesn’t close her mind to different possibilities. A curious person imagines what life could look like under different circumstances. This allows you to see beyond what life currently offers and grasp at new possibilities. 

Second, learn how to do something new. Don't think of yourself as an old dog that can't learn new tricks. Take a class at a community college. Join a book club. Try a new sport and then sign up for a local league. Brush up on old skills and talents that have grown rusty over time.

Some people associate learning with school, and if school wasn’t fun for you, then you may shy away from the idea of "learning" new things. Remember, not all learning happens in a classroom. Third, boost your creativity. You don’t have to paint like Van Gogh to be creative. Creativity is making something new and fresh. It involves looking at things in a new way.

Here's an idea: make life a game. Give yourself a mission to accomplish goals and work to a set of rules. Then, work within those rules to reach your goals. For example, if one mission is to be more sociable at work. Make the rules that you have to talk with at least one person per hour and three new people per day. Try it! Remember, the point is to thaw out your passion, reawaken your energy, and give yourself permission to dream again. Sometimes all it takes is shaking up your routine. In the process, I hope you rediscover your joy and bring a little spice back to your life.

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