Finding Your Passion: Part 1 - Your Peak State

Finding Your Passion: Part 1

Meri Har-Gil
Written By: Meri Har-Gil posted May 13, 2015

When was the last time you felt really passionate about something?


No, I'm not talking about steamy, romantic passion that comes in all shades of gray. I'm talking about something totally different. When was the last time that something really inspired or motivated you? Maybe it was a gorgeous DIY project you saw on Pinterest. Or perhaps it was a non-profit program that provides clean water to third-world communities. Or it could be that awesome new investment strategy you plan to incorporate into your retirement plan? Maybe you take great pleasure in the simple joys of traveling, gourmet cooking, knitting, or putting together a killer outfit.

Whatever it is that gets your blood pumping, your mouth yapping, or your fingers clacking across the keyboard, that's your passion. Whatever you call it, it's calling you — constantly.

When you have a few spare moments to surf the Internet for pure pleasure, what do you do?


Look up a new dessert recipe? Research fun learning activities to do with your kids? Catch up on the upcoming events that the local animal shelter has planned? The things you do in your spare time and the stuff you daydream about at work reveal a lot about your passion. That's because your passion is always calling to you, drawing you in, naturally attracting you, just like the pull of a magnet.In my years as a life coach, I've found that many women feel self-conscious about and even ashamed of they’re passion. I've heard things like this:

"It's embarrassing for someone my age to still want to do this."

Ahem, I got my black belt in karate at age 48. You're never too old!

"It's so self-indulgent of me to want to do this."

You've spent plenty of time caring for others. You need to make some time for yourself, too. Get off the guilt train.

"It's just a waste of time."

Nothing that gives you pleasure is a waste of time. In fact, I've seen plenty of women turn their passion into an income-generating career - no waste there! Whatever your passion is - whatever it is that's calling you - I encourage you to embrace it. Don't push it aside like so many of us do. If you have a gift, a talent, or just a strong desire to do something, there's a reason for it. You have something valuable to contribute, big or small. I urge you to chase after it and grab hold. Whatever you call your passion, it's calling you. And it's up to you whether or not you answer.

I hope you do!

To Your Unstoppable Success,


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Meri Har-Gil

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