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Digital Healthcare is Shaping Medical Services for a Better Future

Amiya Foster
Written By: Amiya Foster posted August 20, 2015

Preparing for a healthier tomorrow is not restricted to traditional methods anymore. New and technologically advanced methods are brewing in the market to highlight medical services. A prior research into regions, hospitals, consumers, drivers, patients and manufacturers of medicinal remedies and equipments has revealed that digitalization is taking over the world. This is true even for medical science. Government initiatives and private corporations are both in support of this move.

The growing demand of premium health services among people has spurted bright minds to hone existing skills and proficiency of devices. More and more investment is seen in medical sector from pharmaceuticals, and frequent mergers and acquisitions confirm the spread of quality care. People are succumbing to chronic diseases and communicable illnesses, which is posing a risk to their life. This needs to be answered in time on a large-scale so that mortality rate can be reduced.

Thus, the only way out of such a scenario could be seen in digitalization of medical services. A lot many states from the U.S, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa and paving their way towards electronic surveillance for diagnostics, ailments, treatments, and medicines, as predicted by the healthcare market research reports.


Critical care and medical emergencies can now be reached in a few minutes from one continent to other with assistance of telemedicine. This revolutionary technique uses information technologies through telecommunication, internet and other applications in securing treatment and care for the patient in no time. The doctors can even advise people and provide general diagnosis to patients on their suffering and suggest remedies for the same, without having to travel or face each other in real.

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Virtual Simulation

To enhance academics and social interaction with patients, doctors, students and trainers regarding healthcare, virtual simulation acts as best method. Here environmental factors are created through computer-operated life and situations.  This has enabled dissemination of information and understanding of disease, conditions and treatments in a much more creative way.

Electronic Health Records

Computing health data for patients, doctors, hospital, medics electronically is an advancement, much anticipated in this century. This technology has reduced cost of compiled data, the stock of paperwork and facilitated storing of data in a unique fashion. Now patients can be given test results, prescription, evaluation report and other details over the internet or transfer through other electronic mediums on mobile, computer, tablets, smartphones etc., making medical services more accountable.

Clinical Decision Support System

This technology helps the authorities to make clinical decision based on system analysis of patients’ records, conditions, responses, observations, treatments, medical history, progress and a lot more. Just like there are devices to digitize information, the same is being adapted in health services. The healthcare reports state that this system can gauge the death and survival rate and risk, predict oncoming issues, determine causes and effects of existing practices.

Rehabilitation Robotics

Due to accidents, diseases etc. sometimes motor activities become impaired in body. In the past, there were no devices that could help restore motor performances artificially. But, with rehabilitation robotics, devices are tailored mechanically and digitally to work as original lost support system like hands, legs etc. The function is tracked on sensorimotor and responds to patient’s heartbeat and neurotransmission. It is widely used in therapy and training for physically handicapped people.


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