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#3 – Build Your Confidence by Following your Dream

Barbara Hofmeister
Written By: Barbara Hofmeister posted June 30, 2015

So far we have clarified what you want in the six main areas of your life and in the last session you have painted a vivid vision of the ideal day in your dream life. In case you have not done that yet you can start here. Remember only implemented knowledge is power. It is meant to give you practical advice and to make you take coordinated action in the direction of your desires. Nobody else can do this for you. You have to do it yourself, but what I can do is guarantee you results when you take the actions I recommend. This stuff works. You just have to do it. 

Today is all about taking action. Have you taken your first 3 baby steps? How did that feel?  In more than 20 years of conducting personal development workshops I had to realize that over 95% of the thousands of attendees had no real idea where they are taking their life. Some had a plan for their career or for their family life, maybe even their health but an overall vision for their life did not exist. Even the ones that believed they knew what they wanted, only had vague ideas but no clear vision, no clear path. This is why most people just drift through life hoping it will be a happy one. 

The problem with this is that most of us are not even aware that this is happening. We start out with some ideas for our life, most have a dream or several dreams but then life gets in the way and one day we wake up and we are 40, 50 or 60 years old and we wonder what happened, what happened to our life, what happened to all those dreams we once had. And all too often in these moments of awakening, people give up. They think they are too old, not good enough to start again, not experienced enough, not…

Your dreams are closer than you may think

However, YOU are different, you are here, you are still reading so you obviously don’t want to give up. You want to reach your dream life and that takes clarity, belief and action until you live your ideal day the way you desire it. As long as you never give up success is inevitable.  We just don’t know when. Time is the only unknown but as long as you keep going, your dreams will come true.

It takes courage to put your flag in the sand and declare your intention to the world. You have made a great start by declaring it to yourself and that has broadcast itself into the universe.  Every thought we have is energy so by creating your vivid vision of your perfect day, you have already broadcast your dreams into the world. Now practical steps need to follow. 

The first thing is to read your vivid vision every single day at least once. If you made it as detailed as I suggested, this can take a few minutes well spent. Another way of doing it is to record it on your mobile or via your laptop, tablet etc. and turn it into an audio file to listen to on the way to work or before getting out of bed in the mornings or before going to sleep at night. The more often your vision is in your mind, the more likely it is that it will happen without too much effort on your part because the whole universal energy will conspire to help you. Remember, every thought is energy and if your energy focuses on what you want instead of the problems you might have, your chances of success are improved tenfold. 

Have a plan for your dreams

When you know the big picture, the big vision out of which your ideal day arose, you can work backwards from there. Ask yourself what you need to do and be to have such a wonderful day. Just draw a rough mind map with all the steps you can think of. Do not go into too much detail while doing this. Just write down whatever comes to mind. It does not need to be in sequence; it does not have to be realistic or seemingly possible even, just take note of all your ideas.  

In some areas your path will be clearer than in others. This is where you can start making a more detailed plan, where you can add some sub-points to your mind map. However, don’t worry about the details. They will come as you move in the right direction and gain momentum. And with momentum comes more courage, comes more confidence. 

It is like a spiral that goes up or down. When we worry, our spiral goes down because that is where our focus is. We lack the belief and therefore get little results and seem to struggle uphill the whole time. However, if our focus is on what we desire, our potential is bigger, we take more and better actions and consequently get better results that lead to more courage and belief in our SELF… and so on. An upward spiral has started.  

As you can see, this can go either way so please make sure you are constantly aware of your vision and take small, incremental steps towards achieving it. If you ask yourself every day, what 3 action  can I take today that will bring me closer to my dream, you will know what to do and get it done. 

Positive emotions pull us towards what we want, while negative emotions push us away from what we want.

If you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself whether what is on your plate takes you closer to your goals. If not, outsource it, delegate it or if possible, eliminate it altogether. Do not start the day by reading your emails. That is almost guaranteed to distract you and get you off track. Start by reading your vision and take action on that and always remember, coaching is the most powerful force on earth for change. Get yourself a coach that will help and support you with your dreams. You do not have to do this alone. 

See you next week.



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Barbara Hofmeister is an internationally renowned speaker, author and expert on the topic of human growth. She became interested in her own personal growth in 1978 when a friend gave her the book “Your erroneous zones” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Since then she has not stopped studying the topic until she felt she had to write down all her learnings and share them with the public.  Her book is called “To be or not to be – the choice is YOURS!” and uses a practical step by step approach to get you from where you are today to where you want to go in your life. Barbara considers it her mission to help as many people as possible to rediscover their dreams and to gain the confidence and belief in themselves to actually make them come true.

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