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Are you looking to reignite your love life?

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Written By: Sophia Holmes posted August 29, 2015

Seldom does it happen that with aging hair on your scalp and wrinkles on your face you keep up with the pace of your love life. According to a recent survey, most of the couples lose touch over their love life after their 40’s. Couples tend to just enjoy the companionship through conversations and travel.

It’s been noted that reigniting your love life can give a boost to your relationship especially when it’s on a downfall. Many couples do go through counselling to get help on reigniting spark in their marriage. Research says ‘Sex’ plays an important role in the longevity of your marriage. People tend to lose touch with love making after having kids or additions of responsibilities on them. This leads to less communication among couples and can cause further problems. It’s vital to understand and realize the importance of having sex after you cross your 40’s.

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You can try the following proven methods for reigniting your love life:

1) Be Open to your partner

Talking to your partner about what you feel is of utmost importance. Let them be aware of what you feel. Communicate what you wish to have or ask for what your partner wishes for. This is the best way to understand each other and get back to your love life.

2) Get Help

You can ask help of a friend, counsellor to mediate if necessary. This shall be considered secondary. Counsellors can help you get on the same plain and start things afresh. Getting a new lease of love life is important even if it means visiting a counsellor together.

3) Use Medical Help

Research has it that Men’s develop erectile dysfunction due to variety of issues like stress, diet, and lack of interest. You can be open to your partner about this. There is no shame if you wish to save your love life. Consult a doctor or you can always buy generic Viagra online to treat erectile dysfunction.

4) Travel

It’s been observed that couples spend very less time of their lives together due to their busy schedules. You can always plan a get away with your partner. This can be a time where you connect with you partner. Utilize this time to share what you feel. Be open about what you feel about your partner.

It’s vital to understand the importance of making love to your partner, it helps strengthen your bond as a couple. 

Sophia Holmes

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Sophia Holmes is a freelance writer who is a wife & Mom of 2 kids. She is a freelance writer and writes for magazines, portals. She specially writes on topics related to relationships dealing with dosage of generic Viagra to improve love life etc.

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