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9 Things Highly Successful People Do Differently

Nicole Schaerer
Written By: Nicole Schaerer posted October 11, 2015

For successful people dreams are not just dreams, they are plans. They can be reality. Success means something different to each person and the way you define it can change over the course of your career. For example, early in your career, you are probably motivated by relatively short-term wins like being recognised as a rising star in your field, developing a hot product, or making enough money to enjoy life. However, later in life, you may come to define success very differently – as financial security for you and your family and knowing that your life’s work has made a real difference.

Whatever your definition of success is, one thing is for sure - successful people stand out and they stand out by doing things differently. Here are 9 things highly successful people do NOT do: 

1) They don’t define success with money.

Money, although important for living, does not define success. Indeed, many successful individuals have shown how willing they are to risk their entire fortune on achieving a goal – Elon Musk is a great example.

2) They don’t make important decisions on impulse.

Success takes time, sometimes an entire lifetime. One aspect of successful people is that they have long term goals, which they persist with no matter what setbacks come their way. So when they need to make important decisions they don’t act on impulse, they act on their long term goals.

3) They don’t work harder, they work smarter.

It’s true some of the most successful people are not the hardest working. Successful people certainly work hard, but, more importantly, they make the right choices. Working smarter, by making good decisions, can put you way ahead of the hardest workers.

4) They don’t let bad habits control them.

Bad habits are a killer for achieving your goals. Allowing them to control your life can do enormous damage to your chances of success. But overcoming them is key. Successful people view bad habits as challenges, and turn them into good habits.

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5) They don’t care what other people think about them.

Doing something no one else has ever done takes a good dose of self-confidence. Because achievement involves taking risks and putting yourself out there. That’s why successful people trust their own judgement and ignore the naysayers.

6) They don’t put others before their loved ones.

Ever heard the saying ‘Behind every great man is a great woman’? Well, behind successful people there’s usually a great partner or great parents or great kids. Rarely does a writer not thank someone in a published book; nor does an actor not thank someone during an award ceremony. Successful people have loved ones supporting them because they put them before others.

7) They don’t concern themselves with the unpredictable.

Successful people seek out unpredictable events, that’s because they see unpredictable events as opportunities. If nobody else knows what’s going to happen, then it’s a chance to take risks and follow your judgement. If your judgement is right, and nobody else’s is, you can usually expect a huge windfall.

8) They don’t ignore the big picture.

Knowing the big picture is crucial for achievement. You should always expect things to go not quite as planned. Looking at the big picture will help you to overcome disillusionment or despondency when you run into problems.

9) They don’t agonise over criticisms or personal insults.

Unfortunately criticisms and personal insults are common when accomplishing goals. Successful people don’t stress out about receiving nasty comments. They strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the people they serve, but they don’t justify personal attacks with a response.


Nicole Schaerer,

About the author: 

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