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5 Delayed Household Chores that will make you feel better

Marcus Jensen
Written By: Marcus Jensen posted October 6, 2015

It is a fact that more things you have to do, it is easier for you to get organized. Furthermore, being able to do all your chores in time grants you that unique feeling of accomplishment that is more often than not enough to boost your self-esteem and make you feel better in an instant. Here are 5 household chores that you delayed for no reason and which could easily improve the way you feel about yourself.

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1. Making bed early in the morning

First thing you could do is as simple as making your bed in the morning. Just think about it: what better way is there to beat procrastination than to start your day by doing something productive? Additionally, it is a fact that nobody enjoys making bed. This means that your day will start by breaching an obstacle just several minutes after you woke up. Speaking about beating procrastination, this is like landing a killing blow to it in the first moment of the battle.

2. Preparing a meal

This practice is not only extremely convenient but bears a lot of other benefits as well. First of all, this process is quite creative and even fun thing to do. Next, you will always be aware of what you and people closest to you are consuming during your meals. In the era of fattening dishes, fast food and the GMO, this alone is a huge determining factor. In the end, by preparing a meal for you and your friends or family, you will do them all a great favor. Nothing beats the idea of doing something nice for people who mean a world to you.

3. Washing the dishes

Some would say that preparing the meal is the easiest part of cooking. It is cleaning the dishes used in the process that is by far the most annoying. Still, according to some professional fitness instructors, the worst thing you could do after a meal is just sit down or take a nap. Just standing up for ten minutes or so, to wash the dishes burns a substantial amount of calories. One more thing is a fact that dishes will just keep piling up. Once the huge mountain of unwashed dishes rises above your kitchen, this will have a devastating effect on your morale. Preventing this in time however, is not a difficult task.


4. Maintaining your equipment

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without computers. They are what enables us to work at home and what keeps our social lives vivacious at times. Computers however, require maintenance. Make sure to dust the inside of your desktop every once in a while, since this can significantly boost its performance. Do the same with the monitor as well as to increase the quality of the image. In the end, check any additional peripherals you might possess and remember to do things such as replace the toner cartridge in your printer at least once a month, clean your keyboard and straighten that forest of cables. 

5. Organizing your drawers properly

There is a lot of junk gathering all over your drawers. Some call this habit of never throwing anything out hoarding, some sentimentality but whatever it name might be it is an extremely inconvenient thing to begin with. Just think of it this way, you store all those things in order to use them again, however once you need any of those things, you simply won’t be able to find them. This is why, it is imperative that you organize your drawers properly. Think of it as a game or come up with a pattern, so that it gets more fun.

There is nothing better than having a productive and fulfilling day. Still, whether your day will be productive or not is completely up to you. You don’t have to work on an important project or participate in something big in order for this to be so. Sometimes, just doing few of the long delayed household chores is all it takes to make you feel relaxed and grasp your work with much more energy.


Marcus Jensen,

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Marcus is an Australian IT support professional, working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He writes for technivorz blog. He’s SF and gaming fan, and has actually seen Star Wars 44 times. 

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