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4 Important Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up On Your Dream

Seline Shenoy
Written By: Seline Shenoy posted November 26, 2015

When we were younger, we had the luxury of free time and a child-like sensibility that allowed us to dream up endless possibilities for our lives. Our imagination was boundless and we truly believed that the world was our oyster. We could be astronauts, NBA superstars or a literary luminary or a Broadway star - whatever our hearts desired!

However, as we grew older, the responsibilities of adulthood began weighing down on us. Our focus shifted from our big audacious dreams to dealing with the realities of mundane existence – such as paying bills and fulfilling other career and personal commitments. Eventually those premature childhood dreams turned into fantasies which moved into the realm of unknown and the imipossible.

The good news is that, no matter what our age is, we have the power to get ourselves out of stagnation and resurrect our dreams from the past. There are countless stories of people, commonly referred to as “late bloomers”, who proved that age should never be a deterrent when it comes to going after our hearts desires. 

The one quality that all late bloomers have in common is their relentless drive and their refusal to allow their present circumstances to dictate their future possibilities. They have the strength to overcome their fears and insecurities, and step outside their comfort zone to succeed in their endeavors.  

Although these aren’t qualities that we are all born with, it can be cultivated and nurtured within us. Acting on our dreams will require a surge of willpower and courage, especially in the beginning stages when we are like rockets that need a strong “take off” to gain initial momentum.

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To have a successful “take off”, we have to fuel our minds and our hearts with passion and determination. We have to be convinced that the rewards of following our dreams will outweigh all the risks and uncertainty we might encounter along the way.

Here are a couple of reasons that will convince you of the viability of your dreams and to not give up on them:

  1. Your self-esteem will increase: When we take action to accomplish the things that are important to us, we relay a powerful message to our subconscious mind that we are worthy and that we matter.  We will also begin trusting ourselves because we will be convinced that we have the capacity and strength to take action and follow through. This feeling of innate trust is commonly referred to as self-efficacy. 
  2. You will gain valuable learning experiences: While we are engaged in our pursuit, we will inevitably make mistakes and face failure along the way. If we don’t allow these failed attempts to dishearten us, the lessons learned in the process can be highly instrumental in shaping our character and evolving our consciousness. It will be part of our learning curve and enable us to get closer to our desired outcome.
  3. Your life will have a sense of purpose and meaning: Having meaningful goals and a compelling vision for our life can give us tremendous drive, passion and fuel our spirits. Every day we will have a spring in our step because we have something to live for, and we aren’t just going through the motions of daily life. We will be more willing to go the distance and face any challenges connected to our dreams because it is significant to us.
  4. You will have no regrets at the end of your life: When you reach the end of your Earthly journey, you want to be able to say that you used your time well and that you pursued the thing that made you come alive and piqued your curiosity. Even if you were not successful in your attempts, at least you can leave with a peace of mind knowing that you did not live your life as a sell-out.

Always remember that you are the artist of your life and you have the power to make your life a masterpiece. All you need is to do is pick up and the brush and start painting with the most vivid colors and most captivating imagery that you can think. 

Make it breathtaking. Make it memorable. And most importantly, do it your way.


Seline Shenoy,

About the author:

Seline Shenoy is a Blogger, Career Empowerment Coach and Seeker of Truth on a mission to inspire others to live fully and authentically + coax them to chase their biggest dreams (yes, even those scary one’s!). She is the founder and writer of the blog, The Dream Catcher

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