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4 Habits of Turning Happiness Into Advantage

Sarah Sandra
Written By: Sarah Sandra posted October 21, 2015

It is always a dream to have a life full of happiness, surprises, good times, good memories, and good people around us. We know as adults that life is not all rainbows and sunshine, meaning there is not always a layer of happiness on the top. There is so much more to living life than just happiness. There are occasional ups and downs attached to it that make life how it is and what it is. To think of life as being too harsh at times happens with everyone, and it can get really tough to think positive with something that is sinking at a very quick pace. However, if you really believe in the Divine force and that the power of your spirit can help bring you out of any tough situation, then we are sure that there is nothing in the world that can crush your spirit or high hopes. But what makes a person able enough to bring that change and help lift their spirit? It is the mindset that must be developed with the help of a positive attitude and certain habits.

You need to understand where your happiness lies, and that it is within you! In order to equate success with something powerful then there can be nothing bigger than happiness itself. But according to a famous TEDx talk given by Shawn Achor, it is to reverse the equation that actually makes you successful, i.e. being happy by achieving success and not the other way round. Continue reading to learn how you can utilize these 4 habits of happiness and become more successful in life.

Happiness = Success


As humans we can be so engrossed in the materialistic needs of life that we don't give a single minute to devote into seeing what life really is for us. We rant, we cry, we blame, we breakdown into pieces, but we do not realize what good is already present in our lives. We wake up, healthy and alive; we have food to eat and water to drink; we have a wardrobe full of clothes to wear along with matching shoes; we have a bed to sleep on and a roof to stay under are just a few things we never feel grateful for. 

  • Break down your ego into declaring each day what are the things you are grateful for.
  • It could be anything as big as having a family member in your life, or as small as being able to afford a meal for the day.
  • Life is all about being grateful for whatever is being blessed to you. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or a non-believer, but there are things, people, situations, happenings and blessings that can really make you realize what life is all about and how it is meant to be lived.
  • This habit of keeping track of the things that you are grateful for is actually researched to improve your optimistic sense towards life and towards your own goals.
  • When you have things to actually look back at that have lifted you and that have supported you throughout your life, you will be able to focus more on reaching your long thought out goals.



  • Here you need to realize life as it happens to you and the happiness that it brings to you.
  • Keeping a journal is actually a pretty good thing, not only can you vent things out on paper and share your emotions to your other self, but you can also remember your feelings and situations and how you exactly felt at the time.
  • You should also keep a separate portion of your journal for sharing with yourself any good experience you have had each day.
  • This enforces meaningful thinking and not a kind of a homework that is being burdened upon you.
  • When you understand the meaning of goodness and the happiness associated with it, you will gradually realize the meaning that is attached to your own work/goal/success plan.

Helping people


This habit can be found in many popular articles that you read on the internet. The words, Workout, Weight loss, Staying fit and healthy will have millions and millions of articles associated with them. But still, many of us do not understand what it is like to have a healthy body and mind. It is as if we have purposely shut our minds off to this habit which is wrong. A healthy body not only keeps you active, but it also increases your abilitiy to work in a day.

  • A healthy body indicates a healthy working brain.
  • Research has found that a healthy mind performs 50% faster than a brain which needs external stimuli to perform (caffeine, sugar etc)
  • A mere 10 minute exercise routine in the beginning of the day can add 2 whole hours of increased productivity throughout the day.

Working out at work


There’s truth that there is so much happening in the world around us that it is almost impossible to keep track of the positive and the negative. There can be a lot of tension happening within your familial subset and in society as a whole. Amidst all of these stresses and tensions it is the mind that gets affected the most. Not everyone has the same kind of ability to endure and undergo a stressful situation, and hence a lot of people suffer from depression, anxiety and even lack of confidence. Meditation is what can help you gain control over your brain and thus your emotions.

  • When you are at work, all your focus gets drained in to completing whatever task is sitting on your table. But during times of stress it can become difficult to get through different tasks altogether.
  • Meditating at the beginning of the day and having the ability to control your breath allows you to relax your mind and clear it of any stress and tension that can be built up due to excessive work.
  • You do not need a half an hour meditating session. In fact, research has found that a good meditating technique for just 2 minutes can help you focus better on your work.

Meditation at work

It is all in the tiniest of things that we find the happiness we need in order to push ourselves up to that next level of the success ladder. Thus, it is true that it is not success that brings happiness, because there is always a new goal, there is always a new ambition and the cycle to achieve success is never ending. But to achieve success is not a goal, it is in fact a habit and habits very rarely change. Therefore, make happiness your ultimate goal for success and you will find that success will never be able to leave your side.


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