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3 Laws of Manifestation

Written By: Fran posted June 28, 2015

Release, Renew, Restore

Many of us are looking to create our lives.  We want to manifest abundance and we want to do it quickly. While there is nothing wrong with that, if you are trying to design your life without knowing the Laws of Manifestation you are probably not seeing the results you would like to see.  We are designed to want more, a deeper connection with Spirit, better relationships, more meaningful experiences, prosperity, happiness and love.  But a lot of us have failed to really grasp the concept of what it takes to achieve the quality of life that we desire and deserve. You are created to have and live an abundant life.  Abundance is different for each of us; but whatever your dreams are, you are created to achieve them. You have everything that you need inside of you through your connection to the Divine Source of the Universe. There are a host of Angels waiting to assist you. There is no lack and ALL things are possible. 

However, there are a few things that you must know in order to achieve and design your life according to your dreams. Knowing these Laws of Abundant Manifestation will not only speed up the creation process, but they will help to calm the restlessness that you may sometimes feel when things aren't going as planned. 

Law #1 Release

You must let go of things that no longer serve you. Hurt, anger, people, grudges, etc. Holding on to negative energy will slow down your manifestation process. Forgiveness is key in manifestation.  If you are holding on to unforgiveness for yourself or others, it will block the flow of energy that is needed for you to attract what you desire. Many times in life you have to release things so that you are ready to receive.  After all, if you are angry about something, you are giving away your power. Here is a little exercise that I give my clients that are having a hard time letting go:

Choose a time when you won’t be disturbed and go to your quiet spot. Get a pencil and paper and write out the following statements.

  • I am upset with...
  • I am upset about...
  • I forgive myself for...
  • I release all guilt about...
  • I forgive my parents fo...
  • I will no longer be the victim of...

Once you have completed this, reread it for 3 days.  After the third day burn it as a symbolic release and affirm: "All is well, all is forgiven, all is healed."

Do this exercise as much as you feel the need to, but remember that in order to create you have to let go. And, you cannot be attached to the outcome. 

Law #2 Renew

Our Spirit life is very important to the process of manifestation. Take time daily to renew your Spirit by honoring your Spirit.  This will ensure that you are attracting the correct outcome. Whatever you are putting into your Spirit will eventually become your thoughts and your words. Remember that your mind is like a computer, you get out of it what you put in it and the thoughts and words that you speak are creating your life. Did you know that your Angels are activated by your words?   If you are negative or around negative people, places and things, that is what your mind and life will be filled with. We all have instances where we don’t have a choice.  We work with negative Nancy or Complaining Carl. We may even live with Doomed Dan or Darci. That is why it is very important to take the time to renew your Spirit.

Here are a few ways that I renew my Spirit daily:

  1. Pray: First thing in the morning I pray.  I want to connect with God and my Angels so before I do anything else I pray.
  2. Give thanks: I give thanks for everything in my life.  I grab my journal which is usually on my night stand and I begin to write down everything that I am thankful for from the day before and that morning. Gratitude lifts your vibrations and energy. It also allows you to focus on good stuff and get to your happy place.
  3. I read my word.  For me it's the Bible, but it can be anything spiritual, anything that puts you in a renewed state of consciousness and draws you closer to the Spirit.
  4. Music: I go downstairs and as I am getting ready to start the day with my son I put on music. Sometimes it's meditation music, sometimes Motown, sometimes reggae. Music lifts my vibration. It makes me happy and the next thing you know I am singing or dancing around the kitchen. When my son comes down, it puts him in a great mood as well so the energy in the house stays balanced clam and peaceful.
  5. The last thing that I do is I light incense when I am walking out the door and I bless my home. I give thanks again for my home. I ask my Angels to stand guard until I return and I leave with a smile on my face knowing that I am renewed and connected.

Law #3 Restore

Once you get to the place that you are practicing the first 2 laws daily, you will see that the Universe will begin to pour your desires into your lap.  Being restored by God feels like drinking a cold glass of water on a hot day. Everything that you dreamed of and ask for will begin to appear in your life in marvelous ways. Health, love, balance, joy, business and much, much more will be restored to you.  Restoration can also come in the form of restoring you to who you were sent forth to be, leading you back to your purpose. There are times when we get lost in this human existence and we need to be reminded of who we were sent forth to be.  Your Angels are working for you, and want you to be connected to your highest good. They are always asking, “What do you want?” and you have to be clear about that so that you can be restored to your greatness. For the greatness in you may be used to restore someone else to greatness.

We all want to create our lives, and you have the power to do just that!


Mucho Love and Miracle Manifesting,


Fran has committed her life to sharing her gift of discernment, helping others to recognize and connect with their own spiritual potential and purpose.
Fran regularly travels the world bringing messages of hope, forgiveness, healing, love and empowerment; facilitating motivational programs, seminars, and workshops. She shares her message via Facebook at Angels with Fran as well as her many podcast, blogs, and books. Her books, Angel Messages and Love According to the Angels, offer a very simple and yet complex message: "ask, believe, and receive!"

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