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2 Ways To Be Your Most Productive Self When Starting Your Own Business From Home

Rosemary Nonny Knight
Written By: Rosemary Nonny Knight posted October 15, 2015

More and more people are taking up businesses on the internet and they are starting to work out of home.  This is blurring the lines between work and leisure though one could question whether there should ever have been such a line. After all, human beings are created to have a purpose and purpose-driven work does tend to fulfill that. 

That is maybe a topic for another day.  

For now, consider that people jump into business from home expecting it to be easy and straightforward to make happen.  What actually happens is that you find that there is a lot of juggling required in order to keep your many plates spinning.  And so at times, it can feel tough to get everything done.    

Here are two ideas to consider and implement as you build your business to the level that you want it to be at.

1. Spend time in reflection and create your day rather than react to it.

It may be tempting to wake up earlier than everyone else and lunge straight into work but you must curb this desire as this one habit can stop you in your tracks as you try to be productive.   You may think that waking up before your household gives you a head start and it will but only if you use some of the time to prioritize what you intend for that day.  And also to reflect on what happened the day before.  You are at your most productive, not because you stay at your desk more than most other people but because you use the time you have in the most efficient manner.  How will you know what is efficient if you have not taken the time to think through your plans for the day?

When working with clients, I ensure everyone has a journal and I suggest you get one too.  Some clients are more resistant to this but when they finally succumb to it, they see an increase in productivity. 


Because it is easy to get into the habit of running round like a headless chicken trying to put out fires here, there and everywhere but is that to be considered productive?  

What if you took just 20 minutes  first thing in the morning to clearly decide what you want to make happen in the next 24 hours?  Do you think you could then choose to deliberately do first things first.  

Things on desk

If you know you have to create a piece of content and you have taken the time to clarify out that step first thing in the morning, you will not rush to check your emails before you do that because you will know that first things must come first.  And it is pretty likely that if you get stuck into your emails then you may discover an email you feel must be dealt with immediately and then it takes up all of your morning – leaving you no time to create that piece of content and all because you were not clear on what your priorities for business growth were.

Choose to be someone who creates, rather than reacts to the events of the day.  There will always be things happening but you get to choose when and how you deal with them.  Reflect on what you want out of the day and refuse to be distracted by the seemingly urgent and you will find that you get a lot more done.

2. Set Boundaries for Your Working Time

It is pretty easy to get distracted by the events happening within the home.  If you have children running around and a partner that wants your attention, then you will find it difficult to focus on your work so boundaries are a must.

The other thing to consider is that when extended family and friends learn that you are working from home, there can be a tendency for them to think that you are now available to run errands for them, to have impromptu visits and so many more distracting things.  You have to show them that you are not able to do that.  You must put in place boundaries that you do not make exceptions for.

Get used to being considered ‘selfish’ and let that ride off your back.  You are on purpose here and you cannot allow pettiness to deter you from reaching your goals.  Inform the people in your life the times when you are at work so that no one comes in to disturb you.  If they do not respect that, then it may be best to go to work elsewhere where no one can find you.  Thankfully, we live in a time where most coffee shops and cafés have an internet connection so it is easier to find a place to do your work.  The change in scenery may even do you good so it is definitely worth doing, just for you.

Take the work you do seriously and refuse to allow anyone to belittle it by ignoring your boundaries.  Swallow any feelings of guilt after you inform the people in your life of your intentions.  Deliberately make them stick to your boundaries – No exceptions.  And then schedule in time to fit everyone in (if you like).

Taking on board these two ideas will make a world of difference to how much you get done each day you work on your business.  

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It is time to fight for, create the life and the business that you want.


Rosemary Nonny Knight,

About the author: 

Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling her life force drain away as she did work that did not make her come alive. Finally, she stepped up, after hitting rock bottom and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling she had done in the past. It worked! and still works – she completely quit pharmacy a little while ago. 

And now, in addition to her property concerns, she works with men and women from all over the world enabling them to create life & business the way they want it. Clients make even more money, have better relationships, find fulfilment, happiness, contentment and continue on to live a life that makes them feel incredibly free & alive.

Rosemary has been happily married for 13 years and is mother to 3 young princesses.

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