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10 Reasons Why Successful People Meditate

Giovanna Capozza
Written By: Giovanna Capozza posted August 31, 2015

Do you ever have those frantic days where you’re rushing around from one thing to the next? Or maybe those days where it feels like there is so much to do or so many decisions to make that you feel as if you’re standing on very shaky ground?

What would is be like if you had a secret weapon through all of life’s dramas, traumas and stresses? Meditation, or rather the result of meditation can be your secret weapon not only against the mental stresses of the world but also the physical ones too.

I went to bed the other evening after a very stressful few weeks asking myself why I had been sucked into a drama that I hadn’t been anticipating in my career. I knew that I had somehow created this reality because I know from personal experience that our thinking and mindset create our experience of everything; but I just couldn’t pinpoint what got me there since I had been feeling so great in the weeks prior. The next morning I woke up with the answer as clear as a gong in my ears!

During those weeks I had neglected my meditation practice. For some reason I had allowed my practice of getting quiet and going within to be replaced by the busy-ness of life and other distractions.  I was completely off my center and was operating with a fear consciousness and I didn’t even realize the mess I was making until I was knee deep in it. In case you’re not aware of it there is nothing more destructive to your personal and business life as being disconnected from yourself and this type of anxious over doing and thinking. Because I hadn’t taken the time to go within and connect to my intuition and myself I was succumbing to the thinking of the world around me. I had lost my inner compass. When you make decisions from unclear or fearful thinking the consequences can be disastrous. 

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So why is meditation my #1 key to success? After years of sloughing it off as an airy-fairy fad and thinking I could do without I was so stressed out with my overdoing and overthinking that I turned to it in desperation. Now I see when I’m doing the work on my inner world my outer world is a much more pleasant and hospitable place to live in. Do I still get stressed out? For sure, but I can bounce back faster and with less damaging consequences than before.

Here are 10 Reasons Why Successful People Meditate:

  1. Meditation allows you to calm your thinking mind and access higher states of consciousness or intuition.  - Put away your devices and distractions and allow yourself to get quiet and see what happens. You may resist it at first but in time and with practice you will see massive differences.
  2. It is a natural immune booster and controller of inflammatory and immune suppressing hormones like cortisol - Numerous studies have shown that daily meditation can reduce inflammatory responses in the body.
  3. It helps you stay in control of your emotions so that you’re not “reactive” throughout your day - If you start your day in silence discovering a state of peace every morning you create a psychological and physiological reference point to that state of being that you can more easily return to and notice when you’re off.
  4. It increases your ability to focus and concentrate on tasks throughout the day - Meditation has a way of helping to sharpen your focus, and some studies suggest that it can actually increase your grey matter and other areas of the brain in charge of focus and mental clarity.
  5. It opens you up to inspiration, ideas and creative downloads that you can’t get in the fog of rushing around your days - Think of accessing a well-spring of higher consciousness information, it’s like a spiritual version of 411
  6. Meditation has been proven to increase happiness and reduce anxiety - I think this one is pretty self-explanatory but if you don’t believe me give it a try!
  7. It helps you with presence and remaining calmer during stressful situations - Similar to #3 but with an increase of presence you’ll notice your communication with others is sharper and it may improve your relationships as well.
  8. It helps improve your sleep patterns - There have also been numerous studies confirming that people who participate in regular mediation sleep better, and from personal experience I can attest to that. An over active and anxious mind has a difficulty to rest so it stands to reason that a daily practice of meditation can aid in sleep.
  9. Lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress - Think of the stress reduction powers of meditation and then think of all the studies that pinpoint stress as the #1 cause of many illnesses. Is it any wonder that it’s not a wellness booster?
  10. Provides a sense of peace and inner connectedness to a higher Source - Even if you’re not spiritual or religious, many people that I have brought through meditation have explained a feeling of connection and oneness that they have often not experience before. A sense of peace that they have reported following them for many hours after and often throughout the day.

To ensure a peak state for success try practicing for 10mins 2 times per day.

 Happy meditating!


Giovanna Capozza,

About the author:

Giovanna is a Success & Mindset Coach and Spiritual Mentor for women entrepreneurs and coaches. For more information on meditation or success coaching with Giovanna you can visit her website at www.giovannacapozza.com

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