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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

This is a personal development classic. Jim Rohn said that this book “made him hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Tony Robbins said about Think and Grow Rich: “This book changed my life.” And Bob Proctor said, “Think and Grow Rich literally turned my life around.”


The Best Of The Blog by Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon helps network marketers and direct sales representatives and distributors get more leads, recruit more representatives, and become top income earners in their companies. There is a goldmine of valuable information contained in this great free eBook.


To be or not to be – the choice is YOURS! By Barbara Hofmeister

Do you sometimes feel there has to be more to life? Do you want to experience purpose, true love, and meaningful success? Human growth expert Barbara Hofmeister will introduce you to how you can lead a life of purpose and true passion. In her casual style she gives you profound wisdom and practical tools that will impact your life in a dramatic way! 


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